Goo Year

You couldn’t have found me anymore disgusted than I was when awakening early this morning and finding it raining AGAIN!  And of course the skies didn’t clear off until past noon, but at least it did warm up into the 60’s in spite of the chilling wind.  When speaking to a well known who lives out of State this afternoon, it sounds like these crazy weather patterns have become a pandemic for the rest of our Country, as well as the rest of world.  I’m just praying it gets better before growing all the worse.

Most of my morning was spent returning emails and phone calls, along with helping several tenants find rental properties.  It’s a good thing they’re getting situated now before the snow arrives because moving from rental to rental when the weather is bad can be brutal, and especially if they’re having to deal with a soon to be previous landlord making last minute demands.  That’s why I’m always sure to tell new tenants the possible problems they may be encountering with certain landlords in our area.  I’ve always found it near downright unlawful when hearing about the lame reasons landlords give exiting tenants for keeping their security/damage deposits.  Just today I heard another horror story about what a previous landlord did to an innocent tenant.

I’m still thinking about what type of an ad campaign I’d like to run so to let the general public know that Holtz Realty is now 75 years young.  Yes, three quarters of a century has passed since our office first opened its doors .  When thinking about it, that is one heck of a long time for a real estate office to be in business.  There’s no question, our office is the oldest in all of North Iowa.

Ray Holtz was our founding broker, and then Roger Holtz who was his son, picked up where he left off, and then yours truly was gently handed over the reigns.  I do hope the both of them are looking down and smiling right now when seeing Holtz Realty being just as vibrantly alive as it was back when both Ray and Roger were still alive.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know Ray because he’d already passed before I went to work with Roger, but to this day, I continue to have the kindest of thoughts of Roger, and isn’t that what we all want to have after we pass?  I remember an old gent who could’ve bought out everyone in earshot, once soulfully saying to me, “I just want to be remembered in a good way after I die.”

Just today, one of Roger’s clients stopped by the office to pick up something, and we ended up having an extended chat about the old days when Roger was my broker.  As always, whenever speaking of someone out of my past, the memories of Roger began rushing in to where I was seeing him in my minds eye.  Without a doubt, Roger Holtz was the most honest, caring, and forgiving agent I’ve ever worked with.  He was always there to listen, and if need be, to help with something requiring immediate attention.  Even to this day, I get calls from prospective sellers who did business with Roger or even his father at one time or another.  Now that’s a real testimony of the way in which Holtz Realty has conducted business from its beginnings.

If I have time this weekend, I’ll have to set down and list some options available for getting the word out that Holtz Realty has been in business for 75 years.

Late this afternoon I stopped at a rummage sale that was being held at a home of a person I’ve known for many years.  I didn’t have much time to look because I was busy visiting with people I knew, as well as realizing I had to soon exit for an appointment.  I did manage to find two things I really liked but certainly didn’t need.  Oh well, if nothing else, they’ll make good conversation pieces at my office.  If someone should ask me about them, I’ll have an associated story to tell about similar pieces I once owned.

While driving to work this morning, I couldn’t help but stop and snap the above photo while it was still dark outside.  I laughed to myself after taking it because for sure, we’ve been having quite the “goo year”, and I don’t mean just for North Iowans.  Just think about all the unrest we’ve had around the world this year, these crazy weather patterns, the ever-toxic political campaigns, and of course all those other sticky-gooey happenings that have taken place in our lives since 2018 arrived.  I’ve told a few of my confidants how happy I’ll be when this year is put to bed.  Perhaps tonight’s creepy-cool photo of a Good-Year sign with the “d” burned out, was just one more confirmation that our world has become all the more funked up since 2018 arrived.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot, and others look on it as a cow they can milk, but unfortunately not enough people look at it as a healthy horse pulling a sturdy wagon.

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