Bouncing Ball Day

Have any of you ever had one of those days that occur in your life when you feel like you are about 15 minutes behind everything that is happening in the universe? I had one of those rare days today. Not sure how or why it happens because no matter how much you work to catch up those 15 minutes, there is always some intervening circumstance that that pulls you back. The real test of a multi-tasker is when the rest of the world doesn’t notice that you are 15 minutes behind. I remember a loan officer that is now retired who was a master at multi-tasking. You could interrupt him numerous times and he would seem unaffected by it. He seemed to always have time for you. I found out years later that he spent many evening hours at the bank doing his catching up. I know that is the price one must pay when providing services to the general public on a daily basis. I was giving a few suggestions this afternoon to some newly arrived residents of Mason City about what to look for when shopping for goods and services for their home. I am a real proponent of businesses that not only sell their goods for a fair and equitable price but also provide equally dependable customer service. I’ll give you an example. Not too many months ago, I went to a business to enquire about a repair of an item that was purchased some years ago. I was the only one in the store and when I walked up to the customer service counter I found the clerk on the phone. After about ten minutes of listening to a personal chatty phone call likely with a friend of the clerk, I knew it would be an uphill battle to get something done. Well, that is exactly what happened. Nothing was done and I had to go elsewhere to get it fixed. Certainly that clerk could have been having one of those bad days, but none of the general buying public should have encountered it. My advice for anyone in business is to remember that good work travels slowly, but bad work travels like wildfire. So, if you ever feel like you are moments behind chasing after a bouncing ball, then try not to show it. It will be remembered.

Joe Chodur

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