Bakery Anyone?

Because I have lived here in Mason City for so long, I can now talk about a most delightful, real, and honest to goodness bakery that thrived downtown for years. It was located just east of Federal Ave. about a half a block on State Street. Because I worked at Norwest Bank at the time, I frequented the bakery nearly every morning. Ohhh the smells that lingered in the outside air. It seemed to set the mornings right. When I speak of bakery, I mean the real thing. The husband and wife that ran that bakery at the time made everything from scratch. The husband would be there very early in the morning and later the wife and employees would arrive. The husband would leave early and the wife and help were left to close up for the day. That bakery was there for years and years. They didn’t close because of lack of business; they closed because they were getting quite old and at that time they found themselves competing with Fareway’s in store bakery which doesn’t exist anymore. The owners of that bakery lived in what used to be the Gildner family house which will be the subject of another article. I know they did quite well for themselves financially during those times. I don’t think any one of us really want to make millions, but rather just have a stable, productive and fulfilling job. My mother’s family we extremely good at creating unbelievable baked goods. Yes, I was spoiled and I know that now because, nearly every time I eat something from a bakery that is supposed to taste good—doesn’t.

I’m sure part of that comes from the ingredients. My mother and grandmother used real butter, real cream, real free range eggs and likely everything that was real for an ingredient. So, let’s get back to the bakery. I hope anyone who is reading this article, knows someone who has vision, talent and drive. There are several perfect spots for a REAL bakery downtown. I assure you, it will be successful.

By the way, here is a link to a bakery that has hit the headlines in New York.

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