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Aging without Grace

I have a relative of sorts whom I have known for quite some time and once in a while I stop to see the aging couple. This particular couple were married long after their children were out of the house and likely themselves approaching retirement. What I have noticed over the years is how the husband has become more and more aggressive and possessiv … continue reading

Open Homes for the Weekend of November 09th and 10th

On Saturday the following 2 homes will be open from 1 – 3 PM907 N. Jefferson Ave.This exceedingly well maintained 4 bedroom home is what dreams are made of. Some of the out of the ordinary features that you normally don't find in homes in this price range is that the lot size is extra large which is fenced in the rear. Also, there is a nearly … continue reading

Best Buy Brick Ranch

We just got a big price reduction on a quality built 3 bedroom ranch home out near the High School. Each time I am in the home, I walk through my mind the things I would do to make it a showplace. The Birch woodwork is blemish free, there is a big window in the dining room that overlooks the rear yard that is like having a view of a park because th … continue reading

Shelter in the Time of Storm

As we find the dark and cold days of winter approaching, I am finding again how people in general become more restless. Part of it I believe, is the changing of the clocks back from daylight savings time and having to get used to the afternoons being shorter due to the sun going down earlier. Another reason for us being so quirky is that our bodies … continue reading

From the Far Side

I had an opportunity to spend about three hours today with a perfect stranger who is visiting here from a West Coast metropolitan area. He was here in Mason City for only two days but those days were spent driving around the city investigating nearly everything and anything. The one thing I like about visiting with strangers is that there are no pr … continue reading

Zig Zag Market

These past few years I have witnessed the most strange and curious happenings in our general residential market here in Mason City. There have been great solid homes sitting on the market at deeply reduced prices while other homes of inferior quality of construction and design and appeal being sold. I know every home has its buyer due to specific t … continue reading

Some homes are Timeless

Normally I don't write about homes that are being offered for rent but there is one that I can't stop thinking about. It's a year round cottage that is ½ block from the lake in Clear Lake. It has an open kitchen, dining and living room. The kitchen floor is brick and tile, the kitchen counter-tops are wood with a breakfast bar that even has hand h … continue reading

The Star of the North

Today a gentleman stopped by the office to pay his rent on a property that I manage for a client. He and his wife moved here from out of state about nine months ago. We sort of played catch up on how things were going with the house and their jobs. They have been doing more and more exploring of the city via their long walks in the parks and trails … continue reading

Beads of Worry

Every day I encounter people who are filled with worry and continue to take conversations towards the negative side. Sometimes I find myself being a bit too worrisome and negative, so I have to take a step back and look at the whole picture. It's OK to worry a bit and compare the positives and negatives in decisions that must be made on a daily bas … continue reading

Rocky Roads

Today wasn't the happiest of days of recent and I've found myself pushing forward with the mindset that tomorrow will be a better day. Just this week I have encountered two of my listing which are solid family homes being battered by an appraiser who insists that he's doing his job according to “lender standards.” It's not that the homes are no … continue reading


The more I find the polarization of how people live and conduct themselves in public and private, I find there to be two distinct groups emerging. Just today I received a phone call from a man who rented from our office some years ago and insisted that I find him something to rent. I couldn't help but remember walking with the owner through the apa … continue reading

A Home with a Soul

I just met with a client today to get a price reduction on the home that I listed about a month ago. My client is very interested in getting the home sold quickly so as always when there is everything done that can be done to get a home sold, the last resort is a price reduction to bring the pricing under the competition. I'm confident there will b … continue reading