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Tending One’s Garden

More times than I can remember, there have been people with whom I have crossed paths with that seem to make it the center of their existence to be more concerned about what their friends and families should or shouldn't be doing rather than paying more attention to the health and welfare of their own lives. I remember a client from so many years a … continue reading

Making Do

Over these past ten years I have discovered a real change in home buying habits—especially the first time buyers. Years and years of sales from the beginning of my career in real estate was spent selling homes to entry level buyers. They purchased what they could comfortably afford. No, the homes were not perfect by any means but they were solidl … continue reading

Creating Sanctuary

Meeting with a seller today and after a great conversation, I was reminded of how many times in selling homes to buyers, I have mentioned how a home should be put to work in creating function and comfort. Being as jaded as I am in viewing so terribly many homes, I have come to a point where I don't look at what is there, especially if the home is f … continue reading

Cross Worlds

During a short break today, I read a little of the internet news, and happened upon an article on the subject of the changing tastes of the millenial or Gen-Ys when it comes to what they prefer in housing. To the surprise of the researchers, this young generation seem to prefer living in the city rather than the suburbs and the size preferences ten … continue reading

Simply Delightful

I scheduled an appointment yesterday for a buyer to view one of my cheaper listings this afternoon. I arrived at the home nearly right on time and found that he had not arrived yet. I waited about five minutes and then called him to see if he had forgotten the appointment or was held up at work. He answered and said he was running a few minutes lat … continue reading

Cut your Retirement Costs

So many people approaching retirement are looking for ways to insulate themselves against the rising costs of goods and services due to the shrinking buying power of their retirement incomes.One way to help with the housing costs would be for a retiree to purchase an upper scale duplex. In years past, an owner occupied duplex was not uncommon. I … continue reading

Overgrowth of Fear

The age in which we live is has indeed changed dramatically due to the information that we are bombarded with via the television and internet. So much information at our disposal at the click of a mouse. Of course the unfortunate thing about the age of information is that if we've seen it on TV or read it on the internet, then it certainly is true. … continue reading

Missing Pieces

As downtown Mason City continues towards its re-birth of vibrancy, I find it more and more exciting. I was delighted to find in one of my old histories of downtown several buildings that had balconies that overlooked Federal Ave. Those upper floor apartments must have rented at a premium back in those days. Every time is see photos of balconies fac … continue reading

If a Tree could Only Talk

Since I was a small child I have always considered trees and plants to be more than just greenery used for food or landscaping. Much has been written these last years about how plants respond to outside stimuli, be it positive or negative. I was reading an article not long ago about how photos were take of a leaf from a tree that had part of the le … continue reading

Roman Brick

I listed a home several weeks ago that is really quite the special 3 bedroom ranch. Some of the features that are quite unique to Mason City are namely; it is built out of Roman brick and the color of the brick is a soft limestone/light gold, there is an open staircase in the living room that leads to the basement as well as a staircase in the gara … continue reading

Just a Stone’s Throw

There is a listing we have that is one of those “under the radar” homes that offers many extras you wouldn't normally find in the range of listing price that it's in. It's a two bedroom but with not so much effort and money, it could be a 4+ bedroom due to the layout. The basement is finished with a ¾ bath and laundry as well as another finish … continue reading

Every Age has its Beauty

Each season that passes, it seems to me that more and more of the people who are decades past the years of considering themselves legally adults, I find making more and more of an attempt to return to their youth via the clothes they wear, the hair styles and colors, the makeup, the body art and piercings, and finally the “cosmetic” surgeries t … continue reading