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The Summer of Storms

Last year we endured the record breaking summer of drought. Not only did the crops suffer but also the livestock that supply food to our tables. Many don't know what also suffered, were some of the homes here in North Iowa that had basement foundations that sank due to the extremely low water table. When something is built on soil that has an avera … continue reading

Fool’s Gold

Every time I hear of someone taking advantage of someone else by not providing the agreed upon goods and services, it makes me bristle. On the flip side, I also bristle whenever I hear of someone who keeps wanting more and more from a company or person who has fulfilled the terms of service.Everyone knows people who fit this flawed character. I h … continue reading

Woman of Substance

Several days ago I drove past a house in the southeast area of Mason City where there lived many years ago an elderly woman whom I had befriended years earlier. My story starts when I was somewhere in the age of perhaps 14 years. In those days, when I wanted money to purchase something, I looked for summertime work away from the daily chores at hom … continue reading

Fly in State

Some years ago I read an article in one of the real estate journals that spoke about statistics that have been gathered for prior years from moving companies. The thrust of that article was that Iowa for many years was considered a “fly over State” when it came to the number of people moving into Iowa versus people moving out of Iowa. What was … continue reading

A Renter’s Revenge

A prospective buyer arrived at my office today whom I have not seen for some time. He said he is back in the market to purchase after finding that renting really wasn't his cup of tea. I was not surprised to find him quite vocal about the the quality and condition of most rentals available on the market and the amount of rent that the landlords wer … continue reading

New Relationship

One of the most rewarding aspects of selling real estate these past years is when at times I encounter very interesting young first time buyers. I had an appointment to show 217 - 6th St. SW which is that grand older home with all the built-ins and gorgeous quarter sawn oak woodwork. They arrived late and apologized profusely. It was a good showing … continue reading

Hot Days bring Hot Tempers

Most of you have heard about “dog days.” According to the ancients, it was the time of the year in the northern hemisphere when the star Sirius which is referred to as the dog star appears. It was considered the time of sultry hot weather and was believed that it caused dogs to go mad and humans to suffer from many ailments. Living on the farm … continue reading


Time and time again I have encountered people that take at least a half hour or forty five minutes out of their day to go for a normal walk. I'm not talking about the power walkers or the “look at me” walkers, but rather those that you see earlier in the morning or late in the afternoon. They just seem to go at a comfortable pace and take in th … continue reading

Changing oars

Many times we start out thinking and stewing and thinking some more about making choices and then finally coming to terms with what we believe we want. I speak about this now because I have a couple who are very dear clients whom I have known for a long time. We talked about listing their home for the past several years and finally in late Spring t … continue reading

Fourth of July Tribute

My article today has absolutely nothing to do with real estate in Mason City or North Iowa. It appears more and more these years that Americans take freedom for granted. We have yet in these times countries that are protesting on the streets and fighting guerilla wars to bring freedom to their families and their communities. With the recent events … continue reading

Nature’s Diamond in the Rough

This afternoon I showed the in-town acreage located at 1309 - 12th St. NE that I recently listed. The more I am out there walking the 4.45 acres, the more and more I can see past the yard clutter of overgrown grass, shrubs and trees. The smaller four bedroom home has a good foundation and main structure but it needs a real “extreme makeover”. M … continue reading

Smells of Summer

Parking under a Linden tree in bloom today was a delight. The fragrance of their flowers is wonderful especially if there is a slight breeze. At moments you get a big whiff and others just a glance of a smell. In Northern Europe, people pick their flowers and make tea from them. It is supposed to help calm nerves. Of course there have been many day … continue reading