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Soap on a Rope

Something I am getting more and more disturbed about these past years is the language that is being used mostly in public and I’m sure even more in private.What precipitated me to write about this is that about three weeks ago I was verbally attacked by someone who is a businessperson. The language coming out of that person’s mouth was not on … continue reading

From Pigeon Roosts

Over these past months, I have had more and more people asking me if there are apartments above my building. I tell them all that there are two very large loft apartments. Of course their next question is what I will be doing with them when they have been restored. The most fortunate thing about those apartments is that the gorgeous oak woodwork th … continue reading

Secret Garden

This morning I listed an acreage that is one of the rare ones. It’s within the limits of Mason City, there are 4.45 acres, hard surface street in front, and an unbelievable private setting. I arrived there before the seller so I had an opportunity to really get a “feel” for the place. I could see either a major re-construction of the existing … continue reading

Spotlight on Mitchell

I spent over three hours in Mitchell today listing an in town acreage which I’m confident will sell because it is on a hard surface road and sits on an acre of land that backs up to the countryside. The home was built in 1872 but has a completely updated interior. What would make this home appealing to nearly everyone is that there is a bedroom, … continue reading

Mason City Council Meeting

I attended the City Council meeting this evening this evening and was surprised and delighted to find how much more professionally the meeting was conducted.  It has been several years since I last attended one and I can certainly say that there has been a big and positive change from past meetings I sat through.  Perhaps the Council and City Adm … continue reading

Finding the Fit

I’ve been working with a young family who are not from Mason City or North Iowa who have likely looked at more homes than the normal buyer in their price range.  They have been a delight to work with yet I feel at times they are frustrated with our current market conditions. During these past twelve months, I have noticed a change in what the av … continue reading

Perfect Day

There was quite a crisp north wind blowing this morning when I arrived at the office. I almost thought I needed to wear a coat but as the sun rose higher in the sky, the day became one that will be memorable. I went out behind my office building and did some mowing and weeding for several hours. The air was so clear that everything visible seemed t … continue reading

Welcoming porches

I visited with an older couple today at my open house of which I was hosting at 945 N. Delaware Ave., here in Mason City. They were delighted to find the home strong and sturdy as well as the neighborhood showing signs that the owners truly care about the maintenance of their homes. One of the neighbors who just happened to be moving into his resid … continue reading

Turning Tides

Today one of my listings sold to a young person who had been looking at other properties but decided on one of mine that is an older two story. What I was the most surprised about were his comments about how he liked older homes better than the newer ones because they are built to last. He also owns an older vehicle that he takes great pride in mai … continue reading

Sound Investment Strategy

With there becoming a greater shortage of well cared for homes for rent in Mason City these past several years, I have come to the conclusion that this would be a great time for people to start investing in perhaps one or two single family homes here to compliment their long term investment strategies. If any of you would do a calculation on what y … continue reading

Old ways are sometimes better ways

Have any of you thought about why homes that were built the way they were in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s? Features like small closets or no closets, big kitchens with few cabinets or little kitchens with fewer cabinets, screened porches on the second floors off bedrooms, and not to mention cisterns in the basements.  Our material oriented … continue reading

The forgotten resource

The subject of my article today is about the living and breathing resources we have in Mason City and North Iowa. I have worked a great deal with the elderly during my years in marketing real estate. I love learning about their lives and the paths they took. What I can say about nearly all of them, is that they possess vast untapped banks of knowle … continue reading