Under that Mist

I'm hoping everyone was a bit more careful walking and driving this morning because with our temps hovering around freezing, it was making for some pretty slippery driving and walking before it warmed up.  When this winter fog arrives, it becomes kinda creepy cool--especially on a Sunday morning when nearly no one's in our Historic Downtown.  It reminds me a little of the winter fog that arrives… continue reading

We Like Sheep

At around 3:15 pm today, I looked at our outside temperature and found it to be a staggering 50 degrees.  Wow!  What a change from less than a week ago.  Now I'm beginning to worry about people's water lines.  You do realize that when much warmer temps arrive so soon after below zero's have lingered, the frost gets driven deeper underground.  These great temperature swings is a recipe for pos… continue reading

Six Minutes of Sunshine

Thank goodness for our few days of our January thaw.  It was actually above 40 degrees today and could certainly be felt to where I was running errands without my heavy winter coat.  It was really good being outdoors without that heavy thing cramping my movements. The weather certainly does have more of psychological effect on the general public than most would like to admit.  I quietly noti… continue reading

Sing a Requiem

It was refreshing to see the sun out and the temperatures rise today.  Thank goodness the wind wasn't blowing while I was attempting to get a yard sign in the ground at my new listing.  When the ground is frozen, I have to use a big hammer and a metal stake to make holes for the legs of the sign to slide into so it will remain standing.  For that and other reasons, is why I keep a well worn woo… continue reading

1853 Springview Drive

The highlight of my day was taking a new listing located a 1853 Springview Drive here in Mason City.  The photo above is the exterior shot, but if you want to see all the rest of the others I took, click on the address and you'll see for yourselves how absolutely gorgeous this home really is.  It's about as clean and maintenance free as one could ever imagine. First off, the kitchen/dining ar… continue reading

Stuck in a Snowbank

Now that the wind has changed directions, we'll be back on our way to having the rest of the week a bit warmer.  That northwest wind just about had me fit to be tied again this morning.  I was out in it for about 20 minutes working at freeing up a frozen overhead door that was stuck to the concrete so I could get it to go up with the transmitter, and while out there, I think I was nearly frozen … continue reading

More Opaque

Oh Mercy me!  What a wickedly cold day we had.  For sure the windchill was somewhere in the -20 degrees most of the time.  I had to take a few breaks between shoveling's because my fingers and toes were getting so very cold.  I told someone today that when it gets this cold, it makes a person nervously nauseas. Earlier this morning, I called one of my dear friends just to see how things wer… continue reading

It All Starts

Another gray and chilly day happened in North Iowa, along with the arrival of snow flurries.  Thank goodness, it appears there won't be much of an accumulation before we descend back down into the minus double digits overnight. Since I didn't make it to a religious service yesterday due to my stacked appointments, I thought I'd go to an early service this morning.  Not realizing the time, I f… continue reading

Kinda Creepy

Whether the sun shining or it's cloudy, when the temps are -10 degrees, it isn't the least bit comfortable while outdoors, and of course, I had more outside appointments today than I cared to have, but we all know that's what a Realtor must endure when doing business in the tundra of North Iowa's winter. Thank Heaven I wasn't crazy enough to have chosen to live in some God forsaken State like u… continue reading

The Melting Pot

From the time I left home, it seems yours truly was in a state of constant motion with shoveling snow and running errands for others.  Thank goodness I made sure to wear warmer clothes when knowing I'd be out shoveling.  That wind only allowed me to be out there for no more than ten minutes at a time.  First the fingers and then the feet is where Jack Frost's fiery-cold bites would begin.  It'… continue reading