Eclipsing Super Blue Blood Moon

It was a welcome respite to find the temps near tolerable when leaving for work this morning.  Hopefully now that we're hours away from the month of January being behind us, our next utility bills won't be so outrageously high as they were this past month.  I'm in a bit of wonderment why people have been questioning their noticeably higher recent utility bills.  It makes me wonder if they've al… continue reading

The Early Birds

As these cold and windy days persist, I think most of us consider ourselves being trapped in a loop when having to get up each morning and endure another chilling repeat of a yesterday. Feels a little like the movie Ground Hog Day doesn't it? I'm still working at getting a sale put together with several delightful buyers I've been working with on and off these past weeks.  I've known them for … continue reading

Funny Farms

After enduring yet another bone-chilling day, I'm even all the more happy to find us slowly approaching the end of January, and when February arrives, I'll most vehemently say, "Good riddance to January!" When visiting with one of my clients this afternoon about this winter's weather, I said, "I hope I'm wrong in my prediction, but if my memory serves me correctly, in years past, I recall bitterly… continue reading

Town Crier

The weather certainly turned back to a near biting cold on us once again.  It was quite the surprise to find snow on the ground early this morning.  Fortunately it was just enough to make everything white again, but I soon discovered some slick spots that were hidden under the snow.  I hope everyone is more careful on our streets and sidewalks due to those public puddles now being frozen solid.… continue reading

Shades of Red

First and foremost, I must tell everyone about the fabulous turnout we had today at my public open house over at Prairie Place on 1st.  For sure the weather was perfect along with my having advertised it heavily beforehand.  The two main officers of Good Shepherd were good enough to help me with the the heavy flow of traffic.  I would conservatively estimate that there were at least 25 couples … continue reading

Missing a Glove

Oh how wonderful today's weather turned out to be.  No, we didn't have an entire day of sunshine, but at least it was warm enough to get more of that nasty ice melted off our sidewalks and streets.  That thawing gave me an opportunity to get more ice chipped away from my curbside so people walking from their cars to my front sidewalk wouldn't have to be climbing over a potentially treacherous cu… continue reading

Slippery Inclines

Some days ago, I was in Southbridge Mall with only one mission, and that was to walk down to the Hallmark shop and pick up a greeting card.  After entering the north entrance, I couldn't help but notice how dark and unkempt it has become while making my way down to their store.  Just as I walked into Hallmark, I noticed how chilly it was in there, along with how many dark spots are visible in th… continue reading

1895 Plat

Not that I'm complaining, but the bone chilling dampness and overcast skies we had today was like something out of a Dracula movie.  Seems every time I went outdoors, the chill was immediately there trying to work its way to my core.  Hopefully, the sun will be shining later this week along with temps rising.  It's all good because we're just about thru with my most hated month of the year. … continue reading

Fear and Failure

Too many times we think first of failure before stepping across the threshold of a newly opened door of opportunity.  When you step back and really look at the whole picture, there's only two outcomes;  it's either success or failure.  Sounds like pretty good odds considering how the slot machines and scratch cards have their odds heavily stacked against us. This thought came to mind when a … continue reading

Ping Pong Ball

When realizing yesterday I was nearly out of paper towels, I made a quick trip before work to Walmart early this morning.   That rain and wind out there was something we'd normally experience around these parts in late March instead of mid-January.  I mentioned in an email today that no matter what anyone wants to insist to the contrary, we are seeing all the more year-over-year changes taking … continue reading