Past Histories

After reading today that our weather is similar to our winter of 2014, I begged to differ a little since there's no doubt this winter has been far windier than I can honestly remember.  Thinking it was finally going to be a calm day, I was proven wrong when noticing it beginning to blow again once the sun came up, while continuing on until it began to set.  I'm sure our meteorologists have their… continue reading

When the Snow’s Gone

The first and foremost job I had today was to go over to St. Paul Lutheran Church and play for their 9:00 a.m. service.  I went early enough so to have time to run thru all the music I was to play.  I chided myself after playing the first piece for not getting over there sometime last week to re-familiarize myself with their piano.  Unless one is exceptionally gifted on a keyboard, each and eve… continue reading

New Reels

In spite of the sun shining, it was yet another one of those bone-chilling North Iowa days.  I really felt the effects of it when having to drive out of town on an appointment and finding that in spite of my car's heater running at full blast, I could still feel the chill working its way within.  The winter landscape was absent of life with the exception of two monstrous crows pecking away at a … continue reading

The Hungry Heifer

Last night's snowfall was likely the greatest amount we've received from one storm so far this year.  Thank goodness it wasn't that heavy wet stuff.  For sure I was out at my front sidewalks long before the pedestrians started packing it.  By the looks of it, I think my walks are the cleanest in the Downtown.  I even made sure to create a walkway out to the street thru the snowbank the City pl… continue reading

Stumbling A’Round

It seems every day this week, my first duty after arriving at my office has been to remove the snow from the front sidewalks.  One of my customers happened to drive by this morning while I was out there with my broom yelling, "You're there already!".  Many may believe me to be somewhat of a fanatic about keeping that snow removed, but I have my excuses. There are several reasons for my being … continue reading

Waiting for Me

As much as I was hoping the sunshine would warm things up today, that north wind kept us under its frigid grip our entire day.  Thank goodness I didn't have to be out in it much. The extra-fluffy overnight snow was quite the sight when the sun came up.  It always is a rare treat to see snowflakes so light and bright.  Perhaps Mother Nature was trying to get us to at least fall in "like" with… continue reading

Severe Disciplining

I certainly wasn't a happy camper finding it -11 degrees while leaving for work this morning.  Those minuses were supposed to be left in January's bin, but instead, I believe Mother Nature has forgotten that it's already the 6th of February.  Oh well, it looks like we're going to have a colder than normal week ahead.  I'm hoping that once we reach the 21st of February, the sun will have grown h… continue reading

Lifelong Labors

As I suspected, there were a number of weather related car accidents due to today's snow around North Iowa. I don't know how many times I've told people that if it starts snowing after we've had days of bitter cold, the roads are all the more dangerous.  I think it must have something to do with those overly frozen roadbeds.  Just walking two blocks down to the bank this morning, I felt like a g… continue reading

Hell’s Incubator

Ouch!  Another bitterly cold day came and went with likely everyone staying as close to their home fires as possible.  Unfortunately for me, I had appointments at the office this morning, along with getting some needed measurements of a home I listed yesterday; as chance would have it, yours truly registered it under contract today.  No, I'm not a wizard, but I do try to keep active buyers in m… continue reading

For Those Who’ve Survived

In spite of it being warmer today, I got myself a good chill while showing a home that's had its heat and electricity shut off for months. In spite of all three of us growing  uncomfortable from the cold within, it really wasn't a surprise that they were showing real interest in it.  The home is located at 21 - 11th St. NE  here in Mason City.  With it being priced so low, it's a no-brainer di… continue reading