Make a Difference

In between my morning appointments, I stopped to visit an elderly couple that I have known for a long time. They don’t get out much so I try to keep them connected with society. While I was there, we were talking about what they were going to do for flowers this year. They said they didn’t think they would have much as the flowers are getting expensive and taking care of them is more of a chor… continue reading

Grey Suits and Chevrolets

Mason City and the general North Iowa area have a population that seem to have two opposing sides that are intrinsically different and in these times, there appears to be even a more widening gap between them. The reason for me speaking about this is that I work with both sides of this buyer and seller spectrum. There are those that have nearly nothing as far as hard assets, and there are those th… continue reading

The North Iowa Band Festival is coming

Each year around this time I have some of the fondest memories of the Band Festival. When I was young and living on the farm, it was such a treat to go downtown and experience the live music provided by the marching bands as well as the floats and the all around merriment. I believe there is far more of an affect on a person just being there and a part of the celebration rather than listening to i… continue reading

You’ve got to read this

Several days ago I was working with repeat customers. While we were going from house to house we ended up on a conversation that was a repeat from too many years ago. We were talking about contractors. The wife giggled and said to me, “I remember, you always said you never hire a contractor that drives a big beautiful work truck.” I got a really good laugh that day because I couldn’t believe… continue reading

Getting it Right on the Park

As I was driving thru the downtown later this afternoon, I was turning west on State Street from the corner of Federal. The west sun was shining on the yellow bricks of the Park Inn Hotel causing the building to have somewhat of a golden glow. I was thinking about all the recent changes within the downtown. For example, the extensive Park Inn restoration as well as the Federal Avenue Streetscape P… continue reading

Visionaries among us

I had an open house today where arrived a forty something couple who took a keen interest in the home. It wasn’t your normal walk thru like most prospective buyers. They not only looked at what was there as far as features, but also talked about making a room opening larger, redesigning the kitchen, and adding an egress window in the finished basement. The second floor has a sharp enough pitch o… continue reading

Upside down and Right side up

It was quite the interesting day today. I had an appointment this morning to inspect a home that the owner has since moved out of and now living hours from Mason City. I could see that there had been a number of recent improvements but also some deferred maintenance due to the home being vacant. It has an interesting floor plan than must have been altered by the prior owner who was likely a single… continue reading

Another Mason City success story

Having added a new Realtor to Holtz Realty last week, I did a quick inventory of office supplies and decided that I needed to make a trip to the office supply store. While I was there, a past client that I hadn’t seen in several years approached me to play catch up on happenings in our lives. Her and her ex-husband were clients of mine for many years. They were a young family that started out… continue reading

Mason City will soon be a bloom’in

I was delighted to find that the City Council passed the ordinance to help put “teeth” in the laws for those of us who want our community to look it’s best. I have been tired for a very long time of driving daily past houses upon houses that are in minimal condition at best. I could never understand why people would want to own so many residential homes and commercial buildings and not take … continue reading

Absolute Best Buy in Mason City…

The three words we have always remembered in buying or selling real estate are as follows: location, location and location. Seems this home has been under the radar for buyers because likely they haven’t dropped down in price with their on-line searches. 103 S. Carolina is in the heart of Mason City’s sought after districts. It’s bank owned, and has been cared for and improved since the ban… continue reading