Sun Breaking

Not much was happening on my side of the fence the fence today, and with the weather the way it was, I wasn't able to get something done that I'd set aside time to do, simply because of it being yet another windy day in North Iowa.  After looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow, I wasn't a bit happy reading we're to get sleet at two different intervals over the next 30+ hours, and it's suppo… continue reading

Hurried Monday

How in the world did that snowstorm manage to come upon us today without warning?  All I'd been hearing was that our weather was supposed to be pleasant this weekend.  But, while out checking my open house signs earlier and not to my liking, I noticed the  skies were looking far too gray and heavy, and wouldn't you know it, about a half hour later it started snowing. One of my appointments t… continue reading

Better With Age

With the wind blowing out of the north today, certainly kept the temps low enough to where we didn't have any more snowmelt.  At least the sun was shining brightly which always helps.  One of my dear friends who lives out of State mentioned how extra-gloomy her winter has been due to the excessive number of over-cast days they've been having.  One of my dear clients fully agreed with me while t… continue reading

Covered All Sides

Alas the warmer weather is starting to take hold in North Iowa so we can get rid of much of our lingering ice and snow.  I'm sure once the old stuff is melted, any additional snow here on out will be short lived. I had another "soft landing" closing today on a home which had a number of offers on it over the months, but couldn't seem to get together on price.  I'm just happy the sellers are c… continue reading

Valentine’s Day

So glad to see the sun out today along with the temps rising above freezing.  I'm sure we're all getting tired of these seemingly endless days of winter.  Speaking of sunlight, this year I've been watching closely when even the shortest of rays of sunlight will filter into the windows at the back of my office for our year 2018.  For the first time in around 112 days, the sun finally came peekin… continue reading

Fake News

When looking at the calendar today, I was very surprised to find that Valentine's Days is on the same day as Ash Wednesday, and if you remember me mentioning several days ago, Easter Sunday falls on the 1st of April which is April Fool's Day.  Now that's what I call a real coincidence.  Seems we're finding all the more creepy and sometimes curious happenstances in today's world.  I hope it's no… continue reading

Past Histories

After reading today that our weather is similar to our winter of 2014, I begged to differ a little since there's no doubt this winter has been far windier than I can honestly remember.  Thinking it was finally going to be a calm day, I was proven wrong when noticing it beginning to blow again once the sun came up, while continuing on until it began to set.  I'm sure our meteorologists have their… continue reading

When the Snow’s Gone

The first and foremost job I had today was to go over to St. Paul Lutheran Church and play for their 9:00 a.m. service.  I went early enough so to have time to run thru all the music I was to play.  I chided myself after playing the first piece for not getting over there sometime last week to re-familiarize myself with their piano.  Unless one is exceptionally gifted on a keyboard, each and eve… continue reading

New Reels

In spite of the sun shining, it was yet another one of those bone-chilling North Iowa days.  I really felt the effects of it when having to drive out of town on an appointment and finding that in spite of my car's heater running at full blast, I could still feel the chill working its way within.  The winter landscape was absent of life with the exception of two monstrous crows pecking away at a … continue reading

The Hungry Heifer

Last night's snowfall was likely the greatest amount we've received from one storm so far this year.  Thank goodness it wasn't that heavy wet stuff.  For sure I was out at my front sidewalks long before the pedestrians started packing it.  By the looks of it, I think my walks are the cleanest in the Downtown.  I even made sure to create a walkway out to the street thru the snowbank the City pl… continue reading