Monthly Archives: December 2017

Weak Minds Discuss People

In spite of the beautiful sunshine today, we are still being cursed by these below zero temperatures.  Of course yours truly had to be out in it again, but not as much as yesterday.  It appears we're going to have it around our necks for another week.Late this morning I had to show two properties to some people from out of town.  Thank goodnes … continue reading

Home Before Dark

Let's all hope these extended well below zero temperatures are the first and last to be had in North Iowa for the remainder of winter.  After shoveling a short stretch in a "wind tunnel", it was a good thing I wasn't out there any longer than I was because when I looked at my face in my rear-view, it could see it was well on it's way to being fros … continue reading

Elder Advocacy

Looks like we're going to have a powdery white New Year's Eve along with some pretty biting below zero temperatures.  Many with whom I've spoken about their plans have said that due to what the weather is going to be like, they'll be going out early and back home all the earlier.   This weather is something like we used to nearly always have for … continue reading

Biological Assault and Battery

It was certainly a surprise to find more snow on the ground this morning, and certainly enough needing a shovel.  The love/hate relationship I have with winter has been a repeating annual event.  On a positive note, I'm getting all the more exercise with my seemingly endless throwing of snow.  I shutter when thinking about building those tall hi … continue reading

Formidable Force

Just another one of those rare days happened where it seemed where anything that could possibly reach its time of planned obsolescence, it did.  From a furnace component going out, a car battery going dead, and even an internet service suddenly deciding to no longer offer a tried and true service.  It's amazing how much time and frustration a day … continue reading

Half Empty

Hopefully everyone has arrived safely where they needed to be the day after Christmas.One can only imagine all the left-overs that were being re-invented for today's meal and possibly a few more forward.  Some meats actually taste better twice warmed.  I'm sure you've all had left-over turkey and standing rib roast sandwiches the following da … continue reading

A Learned Ability

Oh Mercy!   This cold snap we're having isn't fit for man or beast.  Looks like we're going to be enduring even lower temps until next weekend is over.  I've always feared someone getting stranded or heating plants going out when it's this cold.  Even our dog owners have to force their pets outside so they can do their duties several times a d … continue reading

Off-Worldly Christmas

For it being Christmas Eve day, it certainly went by with a whoosh.  Between phone calls, text messages, and emails, the morning hours were suddenly gone which put me all the more in a hurry to get another little-big project done while I had time.After spending about 3 hours cleaning a kitchen and still not up to my standards, it looks like I'll … continue reading

Minds into Action

Hopefully everyone is settling down after their last days of fussing about while buying last minute presents and groceries.  I've actually been very good about not getting pulled into the drama of it all.  As I mentioned before, I'm only gifting to those who've done selflessly good things this year along with those truly in need.  I'm getting a … continue reading

Waiting for the Day

After finding a light coat of snow on the ground this morning, with great dis-pleasure I went into the storeroom and pulled out the snow shovel which I'd hoped would remain there for a few more weeks.  It's amazing how quickly we forget those many muscles that go un-used when shoveling until it comes time to do it again.  I'm sure I'll be having … continue reading