Monthly Archives: November 2017

The Neighborhood’s Filling

Several hours of my morning was spent with clients/customers who were either buying or selling.  As noontime rolled around, I suddenly came to the conclusion I'd just had two back-to-back meetings with ISTJs which is an acronym of people who are introverted sensing, extroverted thinking, introverted feeling, and extroverted intuitive, or simply co … continue reading

Hell-bent Ride

Another soft landing took place today with one of my listings, and just before we finished up with it, the buyer announced to everyone how much she enjoyed working with me because of my being very kind and helpful during the whole process of her purchase.  I finally had to say, "Please. If you say anymore, I'm going to get teary-eyed."  Of course … continue reading

Set into Motion

There's no question I was a bit dopy today after watching all three hours of our City Council meeting late last night.  That was certainly a marathon of emotional roller-coasters.  I have to give credit where credit was due to our interim Administrator Kevin Jacobsen for keeping his cool and standing firm with the facts and not allow himself to b … continue reading

Fiscally Sound for our City

We're on the home stretch of entering the realm of December.  Yeah! November is over and no snow!  Since we live in the land of two seasons of Summer and Winter, we should just accept the fact that Winter begins the 1st of October and ends the 31st of March.  This year's October and November was certainly not what I would've considered a normal … continue reading

Your Soul Whispering

With our Sunday starting off with delightful weather, it looks like we're headed for a great rest of the week.  Perhaps many will be able to get a few more outside projects finished before the temps dip back down.  When looking at our extended weather outlook, I read they're indicating now that we'll have normal to above normal temps these next t … continue reading

Side and Rear Doorways

Fortunately the sun was shining and the wind wasn't blowing which was likely why I had a good turn-out at my open house located at 422 S. Tennessee Place.  One of the people in attendance was a person I'd shown it to some months ago and liked it all the more the second time thru.  We had a nice chat about the unit up until another group showed up … continue reading

Evolving of You

Wasn't it just an absolutely beautiful day we had?  I think it was above 60 degrees this afternoon before the wind changed directions and started sprinkling.  Thank goodness for it being that warm because I took the afternoon off so to get some outside work done and most happy I didn't have to bundle up while out.The streams of vehicles on the … continue reading

Bitten by that Bug

Since I decided several days ago that this Thanksgiving would be a "fly over", it didn't take long for me to have things to do already in place before the sun rose this morning.  Most certainly, I'm not being wimpy or spiteful over Thanksgiving celebrations, because this time around I just figured in light of how relationships have evolved, it wou … continue reading

Waves of Change

On the day before Thanksgiving, I was considering this to be another one of those quiet days due to many people taking off early so to either get a head start with their travels to family and friends living out of town, or heading off for last minute purchases so to begin with some of their night before cooking along with making last arrangements f … continue reading

1034 Park Lane

Ouch!  Looks like we're going to be pounded this winter with an abundance of Alberta Clippers sailing thru North Iowa.  Each time that wind starts, it feels all the more biting than it did the last time it arrived.  At least many of the seasonal outdoor workers will be taking numerous days off with the exception of perhaps driving a plow every t … continue reading