Monthly Archives: October 2017

Halloween evening of 2017

If there's one truth that came out of the weatherperson's forecast, it's the below normal temps we've been having.  Last week, I believed I'd grown accustomed to the cold, but yesterday and today proved me wrong.  It's now more damp which makes it bone chilling. My closing went better than expected this morning other than in my haste, I picked up … continue reading

The game of Monopoly

The first order of day was to get prepared for a showing that was scheduled early.  I'd say for the most part, the showing went quite well to where I believe the accompanying family members were all in agreement about my buyer purchasing it.  I was reminded once again how much I do enjoy working with senior citizens living in our community.  The … continue reading

Another Year’s Cycle

One of my morning appointments was at an acreage, and before I left the office, I grabbed my gloves and stocking hat just it case it would be colder than expected out there.  It was a good thing I had them because it wasn't but a few minutes after stepping out of my vehicle, I was walking back to my car and grabbing them.  Most city dwellers have … continue reading

Fruits of their Labors

Alas the wind went down and later this afternoon the skies cleared.  I'm sure everyone was beginning to wonder if winter not only arrived early, but decided to stay.  At least it didn't get as cold as predicted which may have saved some of the "cold crop" vegetables people have planted in their gardens.Speaking of gardens, I was very disturbed … continue reading

1415 – 9th St. SE

Oh Mercy!  What an absolute change in weather in a week's time!  While driving out of town to my closing this morning, the snowfall seemed to be getting heavier, but while driving back, it was just as if I was caught in the beginnings of a January blizzard.  Thank goodness the snow slowed way down by the time I got back to Mason City.  If it wo … continue reading

Day and Night

My day started a bit early with having to get a few more preparations done before the cold arrived.  After yesterday, I'd say I'm starting to get acclimated to our colder temps.  It didn't make me very happy seeing these next two weeks are supposed to be colder than normal for this time of year.  I reminded a client this morning about a November … continue reading

My Fish Bowl

Somehow the day seemed to fly by with all my little “to do's” I had on a list. Some of those chores entailed making sure those vacant listings of mine have their furnaces turned on and working properly. With the weather soon to be turning much colder, is creating more concern on my part. Most people have no idea how quickly a home's water pipes … continue reading

A Bowl of Chili

Having finally dressed for the weather, I wasn't nearly as chilled as yesterday.  That relentless wind felt like one of winter's Alberta Clippers moving thru.  Good thing we didn't have snow or we would've been having white-outs.  Just get yourselves prepared for the end of this week because it's gonna be well below freezing.  I think Daylight … continue reading

Remembrances of Faith

The weather has suddenly turned for the worse beginning this morning.  I was shocked to find it getting colder instead of warmer as the day progressed.  I understand it's supposed to get down in the 20's later this week, so I guess just about everything green will be soon turning brown.  I'm not looking forward to the days of cold and darkness a … continue reading

Smile While looking Back

We certainly had quite the beauteous day unfold after that pounding rain storm we had last night.  I was getting a bit fearful of the lightning that seemed to pack all the more punch when seeing it strike in the distance.  One of the bolts that struck looked like something out of Star Wars.  I hope whatever it hit wasn't someone's home.  Too ma … continue reading