Monthly Archives: July 2017

I’ve Seen it All

It certainly was a beyond typical Monday considering it  being the end of the month.  The phone calls and drop-ins were plentiful.  I'm just glad they were all steady streams that could be managed.  I was also surprised by the number of people that emailed and text me.  I mentioned to someone again today where the texts are likely going to ove … continue reading

15 Bites

It was certainly a beautiful morning Downtown, and from the looks of it, there were a number of others besides myself walking down Federal Avenue.  Likely most of them were guests at the Historic Park Inn Hotel since I didn't recognize a one, and they all seemed to be interested in snapping photos of the old buildings lining our streets.I'm norm … continue reading

A Peck of Purple Peppers

It certainly was an interestingly different day for me with having two public open houses.  Both of them went quite well to where there was someone at them nearly the entire time.  The one this morning had stragglers at the very end to where I had only a half hour to get to my next open.  I stayed on course and made it without any big rush, bu … continue reading

Out in the Trenches

After an exceptionally busy week, today finally seemed back in the realm of normalcy to where I could get bills paid, correspondence sent out, and follow-up calls made.  By the time mid-afternoon arrived, I considered myself caught up and ready for the weekend.Tomorrow will be the first time in a number of years where I'll be hosting two public … continue reading

Curtain Rising for Prairie Place

Even though you'd think everyone looks at the simplest of situations similarly, the cold reality sets in to where you step back, turn, and walk away from someone saying, "Whoa!  From what plain of reality did you cross over?"  Yes, it's a wonderment sometimes how we humans manage to co-exist with such radical mindsets in our midst, and unfortunat … continue reading

Prairie Place on 1st

Someone mentioned today how humid our summer has been this year when saying, "I moved back here from a State that's normally very humid, but I don't ever remember North Iowa being like southern Missouri."  I couldn't help but agree that it's been exceptionally humid lately, and after the heavy downpour of rain we had this morning, we'll be experie … continue reading

1031 – 10th St. NE

There were a few highlights to my day which I felt worth sharing with you all.  I'm sure you've all had similar happenings where you go somewhere to perform a task, and along the way or back, you find yourself in the midst of a delightful intervening circumstance.  For me they're not normal occurrences, but today must've been extra special to whe … continue reading

Clear Lake Yacht Club

Yet another “whoosh” Monday went by to where I felt as though I was in a constant state of motion.  I think I did pretty well getting everything accomplished without having conflicting appointments.Seems everyone was talking about how beautiful the weather was here in North Iowa yesterday.  I couldn't help but agree, along with wishing I'd … continue reading

Worth Revisiting

Without expecting it, this particular Sunday was a day for me to get a real workout by my being menially laborious.  With the exception of taking about an hour off to re-shoot some photos on one of my listings, I was nearly in a constant state of motion for hours on end.  At least it wasn't so hot outside due to the north wind providing a constan … continue reading

Gents Playing Jazz

Fortunately I was able to keep all my appointments in line and on time today.  I was getting a little bit concerned I wouldn't make it to my public open house at 2831 - 4th St. NW on time, but fortunately I did.This was the second public open house I've had on it since it was listed.  And having received a $10K price reduction on it several day … continue reading