Monthly Archives: May 2017

Spiraling Memes

Today I fulfilled at least the bulk of my plans of doing absolutely nothing in real estate and get back at a daunting project which I’d mothballed almost two years ago.  It had been gnawing at me during those years, but I knew a more important job came first.  There were no regrets about leaving it unfinished,  but now I’m all the more back … continue reading

The Three LLL’s

It seems these gloomy gray days of mist and rain are not wanting to leave North Iowa.  Believe it or not, I actually dressed winter-heavy this morning and still was chilled a few times while out showing homes.  I'm sure Alliant Energy is happy about the cold since many people have turned their furnaces back on due to the chill creeping back into … continue reading

Leave it Remain

This rain has got to stop!  I don't even want to talk about how many times I got wet just going from my car to each appointment I had today.  Someone said it was supposed to be overcast with rain most of the weekend.  Seeing how the creeks and rivers are rising, I hope we're not going to be looking at flood conditions in our City.  Maybe we'll … continue reading

Gray Day Kvetching

As I was pulling up to my office this morning, I looked to the northeast and noticed some pretty dark gray clouds that appeared to be filled with rain and moving in our direction.  Not but an hour later, it was raining again, but one of those really fine misty rains similar to what you'd see when going thru a car wash.  I certainly didn't dress w … continue reading

Defiant Statement

I wasn't surprised to see so many broken branches and trees down this morning considering the rain and strong winds we had last night.  Thinking it would be over for a few days, it was back at it this morning, and then again this evening.  I'm beginning to wonder if those storm clouds are moving in a see-saw pattern back and forth across North Io … continue reading

To Have the Last Word

One of the summer by-products of rainstorms, is the following high humidity and heat.  I think this was our first of likely many hot and humid days.  I could certainly tell the difference whenever stepping outside my office today.  As the day wore on, it seemed to become all the more humid.I spent most of my morning doing follow-ups on corresp … continue reading

Keep us Grounded

Having not watched the weather forecast for today, I was taken by surprise by the thunderstorm late this afternoon.  Now I understand why the farmers were hard at it in their fields yesterday.  Many of them now subscribe to more accurate and in-depth weather reporting.Nearly my entire day was spent arranging showings for agents along with worki … continue reading

Looks Can Be Deceiving

It was a beautiful early Mother's Day morning to be enjoyed as I headed off to Fertile to place my public open house signs out at intersections.  As I was driving up there I began thinking of the many past Mother's Days I spent with my mother over the years, and now that she's passed, there's yet another day of the year that gets a "fly-over".Th … continue reading

Unless You’re in It

As high summer is approaching, it seems there are even more buyers out and about.  From the time I left home, I was in near non-stop motion with real estate work.  At least I've been productive, and certainly thankful for it.   The amount of gasoline I've put in my car already this month has been the real indicator of how busy I've been.While … continue reading

White Lilacs

Back over to Clear Lake I went again this morning on another appointment. Seems I'm over there at least three times a week.  One thing I did notice this morning is all the street and sidewalk work that's being done, alone with the tearing down of a historic old building on Main Street which is making way for an addition to Clear Lake Bank and Trus … continue reading