Monthly Archives: May 2017

Mid-floor Landing

The last day of May is leaving us with sunshine and warmer temperatures.  If the wind were not blowing, I think it would've been considered a near perfect day.My early morning was spent packing small boxes to be sent to various people who've been waiting for their items.  As I've said before, being a Realtor comes with the wearing of many diffe … continue reading

Just Watching

Several people who happened to bring up the subject of our weather today both agreed that we've had quite the unusual month of May where the rains seemed to never cease, the winds were at gale force several times, and the temperatures lower than normal.  I can certainly see how the "hot" weather flowers and vegetables are just treading water with … continue reading

How Crass

This was certainly a memorable Memorial Day weekend for me to where I managed to get a task accomplished that's been hanging over my head for over a year, as well as getting a home sold to one of the most delightful couples.It seems there are those times in our lives when we believe someone, when they say they're going to perform a given task for … continue reading

Memorial Day of 2017

Since having a number of appointments in and around the Downtown, I'd say there were quite a few people out and about--especially after the carnival opened again for the kiddie rides.  I'd say those mechanical joy monsters look beyond the stage of being well worn and rickety.  I wouldn't be surprised if some of their parts came over on the Mayflo … continue reading

Band Festival for 2017

The weather forecast I looked at last weekend for this weekend called for rain today, and sure enough we had rain, but fortunately it came after 3:00 pm and not that much. At least the parade didn't get rained on.  Other than the hour and a half I spent watching the parade, the bulk of my morning was filled with returning calls and preparing for t … continue reading

The Judges?

Perhaps this will be the day that'll end without rain.  I do hope we have enough clear days ahead so the farmers can get the rest of their corn and bean planted.  I was reminded again this afternoon of how brutal those winds were last week.  The after effects are now starting to manifest themselves.  I was shown two trees that showed no signs o … continue reading

An Itch

Of course while showing a home this evening, it had to start raining again.  At least it was a light shower and not long lasting.  So much for the slight chance of rain.  I should have started counting the number of continuous days we've had rain from the time it started about two weeks ago.It was a pleasant drive up to Fertile this morning to … continue reading


Thinking we weren’t going to have anymore rain, it had to start sprinkling when I was out about an hour and a half doing some lawn mowing that I couldn’t get done over the weekend because of the R A I N again.  Oh well, I did get my little chores accomplished and happy for it.For a week or so now I’d been thinking about a colleague whom I … continue reading


After yesterday’s hectic day, I found myself playing catch up on desk work.  Of course I had to be outside when it started raining again.  Just when you think it’s going to stop for a day or two, it starts up all over again.  There are going to be a number of people with exceptionally tall lawn grass before they’re able to get it mowed due … continue reading

Feathery Ferns

At least we had a few sun breaks today before the rain clouds started rolling in again. Seems everyone is frustrated about the cold and wet including the farmers along with our home gardeners. One of my clients said she purchased pepper plants over a week ago and can’t get them planted due to the high moisture content in her garden. I know too … continue reading