Monthly Archives: February 2017

Remember Stephen

Yeow!  I sure didn't expect it to be as cold out this morning and remain as thus throughout the day.  Someone said the windchill was at minus 20 degrees this morning.  It's no wonder it took longer for my car to heat up while driving to the office.  It was confirmed what I'd mentioned yesterday while on my way to visit a client at the hospital … continue reading

Golden Acres

With there being just a few scheduled appointments today, I dived head first into the mound of work that's been waiting for me to get organized.  Yes, it's our annual income tax time again.  The one positive thing that comes out of this daunting yearly project is the compliment I get from my tax accountant regarding the preliminary work I've alre … continue reading

Happy Ending

There always seems to be an “uplift” whenever someone enters into conversation with me about being loving and forgiving.  It all started when someone sent me a page out of one of those new-age guides to spirituality and asked that I read it in hopes that I shared the same belief.  I read it and thought about it, and then sent an email back to … continue reading

Tilting at Windmills

Today was finally warm enough along with the roads being dried off, to go and get my filthy car washed.  These past weeks of slushy roads have been brutal in dirtying up North Iowa's cars and trucks.  Last week I used up at least a ½ gallon of windshield wiper fluid just to keep the grimy slush that other cars were splatting on my vehicle as the … continue reading

Full-House Laugh

Having scheduled early showings this morning, I had to get my open house signs out all the sooner so to make my first appointment on time.  One of the homes I was showing seemed colder than normal when I walked in.  I said to the buyers, “It almost feels near freezing in here.”  I walked over to the thermostat and sure enough, the inside tem … continue reading

Out of Thin Air

It was far colder today than I was expecting, especially with there being a northerly wind blowing.  I'm in hopes it will get above freezing tomorrow since I'll be hosting a public open house at 507 – 4th St. SE here in Mason City.  Whomever was supposed to be shoveling at the house must have forgotten about the sidewalk leading up to the fron … continue reading


For the strangest of reason that's yet to reveal itself, I found myself in debate today with a scholarly woman whom I fully admire and respect.  We were talking about several people we both know whom nearly everyone outside their circles have attempted to change the ways in which they conduct themselves in society.  She insisted they can be convi … continue reading


In spite of there being a number of intervening circumstances on one of my listing/sales over this past month or so, it actually closed with a soft landing today.  I commend myself for keeping it moving forward as drama-free as possible as well as the agent on the other side who was working equally hard with his buyers.   Yes, I have to admit I … continue reading