Monthly Archives: February 2017

Get the Word Out

It seems the market is still churning forward to where it appears we may have an active Spring.  After several phone calls today, it looks like I'll be getting several new listings next week.  I know I'm sounding redundant, but can't speak enough about how fortunate, as well as thankful I am to have such loyal and faithful customers.  If it were … continue reading

2040 Hunters Ridge Drive

Believe it or not, I actually viewed six robins perched on barren branches of a Hackberry tree late this afternoon.  Now if they're not arriving far too earlier than normal, then my memories of the times I've normally first seen them has been distorted. In actuality, I could have sworn I saw a small group of them flying across the highway while I … continue reading

Raise Red Flags

At least we had the sun again today to help with the melting.  The City sidewalks and streets are now getting back to normal.  After two more days have passed, we'll be skating all the closer to Spring.  For some reason, I really can't wait until it happens.  I think perhaps cabin fever struck me all the more this year than normal, because I'm … continue reading

Art of Contemplation

Thank goodness the wind finally started going down and the sun warmed the City up enough to get some of our slippery streets and highways melted off.  I don't even want to think of how many cars and SUVs I've seen in the ditches these past three days.  I only wish people would be more aware of the road conditions when traveling.  I've seen far t … continue reading

New listing at 110 – 20th St. SE

Against my better judgement, I decided to keep an appointment this morning with a customer nearly insisting on seeing the acreage I have listed south of Thornton.  It normally takes me 25 minutes to get there from my office, but with the blizzard conditions, it took me a little over an hour to get there.  Thank goodness I judged the time appropri … continue reading

Handful of Butterfingers

With several closings coming up soon, I found myself a little agitated when finding a particular businessperson waiting until the last day to get some mailings out.  As I said to a client today, “I'd rather be prepared well ahead than be rushing at the last minute in hopes everything comes together on time.”  It's all part of learning from un … continue reading

The More I Pretend

Since I listed that acreage online late yesterday, there's been a flurry of inquiries.  It comes as no surprise knowing how much of a shortage there is of modestly priced acreages on the market that don't need a great deal of immediate work to be done.  Yes, the drive is a little longer from Mason City, but at least it's all hard surface driving … continue reading

Z-Best Acreage

When I looked at the thermometer Downtown today, it read 60 degrees, so I guess the weatherman had it right.  Tomorrow may be the last day for temps that high for a while after hearing we're supposed to be getting rain mixed with snow on Friday.  Urgh! At least nearly all the traces of snow are gone from our last big snowstorm.Today was one of … continue reading

NEVER be Enough

As far as I'm concerned, this weather we've been having of late has moved from being strange to downright creepy.  The blueish pink sky created by the high fog around dusk was something I've never seen in this area before.  When I pulled up to a corner Downtown this afternoon, I noticed movement in one of the parking lots and to my surprise I cou … continue reading

Run From Death

I received a call last night from a good friend inviting me to breakfast this morning.  I couldn't refuse since I hadn't seen him in months so we set a time and place.  The parking lot of the restaurant was about half full when we got there so I figured we wouldn't have to be waiting for a table.  While looking over the menu, I was noticing all … continue reading