Monthly Archives: January 2017

Our Last Day of JanuA

I'm sure everyone's been delighted to see it above freezing these last several days which has been helping to get our recent heavy snow melted off.  Of course with these drastic temperature swings we had this month ranging from -20 below zero to nearing 40 above, the nasty byproduct of those variations are all the potholes appearing all over our C … continue reading

2031 Springview Drive

In spite of having had an all-day workout yesterday, I was off and running this morning with appointments.  At one point, I was beginning to wonder if the world had suddenly started moving all the faster.  If someone would've asked me each and everything I'd accomplished today, there would have likely been a small pause before I could name them a … continue reading

Snowmobile Mania

This was certainly a day to remember after having discovered I had far more work ahead of me than I'd expected.  It was actually to the degree I had to later make a phone call to one of my ex-tenants who's usually willing to help me if and when he's available.  My initial text to him said, “Have you got time to help me today?” He later replie … continue reading

And The Dragon

Unfortunately our weather was not being kind for my public open house today. At least there were two people that showed up.  I was again reminded that it only takes one buyer to have a home sold.  At least I kept myself busy with some reading I brought with me. I was actually about two minutes late getting there because I stopped by a home in the … continue reading

Old Beanie Bags

Today was certainly a day to remember in the number of calls received on our office listings.  What seems to be happening more often these past months, are seriously interested people calling on properties that just went under contract.  We finally got an offer accepted this afternoon, and not but an hour later, a call came in on it and when I to … continue reading

Illumination Part II

Alas our snow of several days ago is finally under control.  While pulling up to my back parking space at the office early this morning I found that someone with a very big blade pushed snow into my parking lot again.  How inconsiderate some people are while driving around town with their big blades dragging on the ground.  I decided not to driv … continue reading

Covered in Snow

There's no question many of you were spending a great amount of time dealing with the 12+ inches of snow we had at our doorsteps this morning.  It was about an hour later than normal by the time I arrived at my office simply because I had to wait for the snowplow to arrive.  With so much snow, I wasn't going to risk getting my car hung up in deep … continue reading

Heaven at 1707

It looks like we're going to be under a thick blanket of snow come morning.  It's been a while since I've seen snow come down so hard and fast.  If this keeps up all night, we'll certainly have those 8 – 10 inches or even more by the time it quits.  I do hope everyone is exceptionally careful while driving in it on their way to work.  I've al … continue reading

North Iowa’s Universe

First and foremost, I must confess I gave you all the wrong name of a film I referred to in last night's article.  In error, I called it “Flatline”, but in actuality it's called “Flatliners” It was a movie that was released 27 years ago and to my surprise, it's still highly rated. I also discovered there's a sequel to it that'll be relea … continue reading

Teeter Totter

It's beginning to look more like early March rather than late January with our temps continuing to hover in the 30's these days.  At least most of our dangerous ice has melted.  Someone told me several days ago they'd never seen so much ice lasting for so long.  Early this morning, I made sure to take time to chip a big section away from the bac … continue reading