Monthly Archives: December 2016

Happy 2017

To my surprise, there were people coming and going nearly the entire two hours I was at my public open house today.  I believe the word is finally getting out about the home's great value as well as location.  There were more than just a few commenting on how light and bright the home is, which is what I've said from the very first time I entered … continue reading

The Most Remembered

With it being the last business day of 2016, I'd say it was quite the hectic one.  I'm glad I  started out with a full tank of gas today after finding I'd been back and forth across the City a number of times.  After the number of interruptions there were, I finally had to barricade myself in an office to get some necessary phone calls made and … continue reading

The Same Answers

As we're approaching the last days of 2016, I'm sure many of us can look back on this year as being a real eye opener.  While having lunch yesterday with a colleague, I asked, “Just one year ago, did you ever expect our world to be in its present state?”  The answer was a quick and determined, “No!”  I couldn't help but fully agree in kn … continue reading

Revisiting 15

After arriving at work this morning, I found myself suddenly aware my office was beginning to take on the appearance of dishevelment and wondering why I'd not noticed it until today.  Some have always considered me to be a bit more than picky about how their homes should present themselves for marketing, and there I was this chiding myself for hav … continue reading

A Thought is Lit Forever

Walking on, and driving over the washboards of ice today wasn't what I considered the most delightful of experiences.  Having fully remembered the fall I took on a curbside some years ago just from an innocent wrong step and subsequently cracking a rib, I fully understand how quickly someone can hurt themselves on ice and endure its pain for month … continue reading

Boxing Day

As I'd expected, the City crews were not out yesterday to at least do a once over on the streets to remove the slush, so therefore we now have streets that look and feel like driving over endless washboards of ice.  I do hope our temperatures rise enough this coming week, which it looks like they won't, or we'll be doing our share of bouncing arou … continue reading

Merry Christmas 2016!

Waking up to this crazy weather this morning was an unexpected sight.  I do hope those who are traveling any great distances are being all the more careful on the roads.  If anyone with any possible understanding as well as memory, would certainly know global warming is having an impact on our weather patterns.Just in the short drive I took tod … continue reading

Quiet and Blessed Night

Early this morning I delivered the last of my Christmas gifts and hope those to whom I've given are happy with my tokens of appreciation for simply being the people they are.  Not to worry for you all who've not received something from me in this time because I've been known to freely gift throughout the year.  I'm already on the hunt for an appr … continue reading

Feather Boa

It certainly wasn't a pleasant experience to be driving to work this morning with the sleet coming down.  I'll never understand why people drive in weather like this thinking they're in the midst of blue skies and dry pavements.  Around noontime someone mentioned there were already ten accidents reported in the area.  There was one particular gu … continue reading

Silent Seat

We've heard the saying about no matter how well we plan, there's always something that creates a basket of problems.  In just trying to get a little re-modeling done in a bathroom, there's been one unexpected problem after another.  I'm usually not into speaking ill of some of our local companies, but the number of times many of us have had bad e … continue reading