Monthly Archives: October 2016

Old-fashioned Halloween

Having expected it to be a slow Monday, I was certainly proved wrong by the amount of real estate activity my office experienced today. One of the bright sides of my day was having another one of my listing sold as well as a closing take place with two of the most charming young buyers. I know they’ll be exceptionally happy with their new home as … continue reading

Full Circle

It seems to be taking longer this year for me to get accustomed to these cold mornings. I’m not sure if it’s the dampness or maybe it’s because we had above normal temperatures for the month of October. I decided it was time to get some manual labor done this morning and after about a half hour, I wasn’t chilled anymore. I guess getting one … continue reading

Autumn Gold

After reading about the somewhat rare occurrence of the “black moon” which is supposed to take place tomorrow night, I was excited about having an opportunity to see it until I later read that people living on the East Coast will be the only ones. We “middler’s” will miss out again. Mother Nature has really been wrecking havoc of late wit … continue reading

Habits and Haunts

It was quite the unbelievable day with our weather. I was nearly chilled to the bone this morning with the exceptionally damp cold air. No matter how much I tried to warm up, I continued to be uncomfortable. Then the afternoon arrived and things sort of turned upside-down. By the time 4:00 P.M. arrived, it was up to 75 degrees! What a drastic chang … continue reading

Quiet Desperation

After having today finished up on the paperwork of several rental homes leases which are owned by long term clients of mine, I’m feeling a bit more relieved again. Most of the general public have no idea the amount of time that’s spent creating the advertisements, showing the homes or apartments, reviewing applications, and finally preparing th … continue reading

Please Don’t Wait

The rainstorm we had last night was another creepy one by the way in which the wind was blowing so hard. I wasn’t expecting to see all the puddles while driving to work. It’s a good thing the farmers have nearly all their crops out before last night’s storm. I’m thinking this winter is going to be a repeat of last year’s. We’ll see if t … continue reading

Charging into Battle

I’ll hopefully be posting a listing tomorrow which I believe will sell relatively fast simply because yours truly has already been quite taken by its exterior style and floor plan. It’s a home that’s caught my eye many times over these long years and having been blessed with the opportunity to sell it, I’m exceptionally delighted. It’s no … continue reading

Down on Themselves

The flocks of geese heading south have certainly been on the move today which tells us the months of cold will soon be at our doorsteps. I’ve been encouraging everyone to get as many things done during these last pleasant days before having to fight the weather in the coming weeks. I think most of us are beginning to grow accustomed to the chilly … continue reading

Winter Rates

My public open house at 850 - 15th St. SE today was certainly a success to where there were people coming and going the entire time. Several of them decided to stay a while and have a few good chats about this and that. One of gentlemen that was there spoke of the pond he created in his back yard. He must have sensed my interest in his Koi pond bec … continue reading

Big Blossom

Since Summer is winding down, I found myself having more free time available on Saturday mornings now that I don’t have as many outside chores. Many consider these coming dark months those meant for rest and rejuvenation similarly to what Mother Nature creates with most all other living things here in the Northern Plains. For being near freezing … continue reading