Monthly Archives: September 2016

James Dean Wannabe

Don’t you all think we’ve just experienced another beautiful day in North Iowa? I certainly found enough reasons to be outdoors today, to where I wasn’t just going from point A to B, but making large detours while doing it so to experience the wholeness of it all. For some, it was likely just another day because they were too busy dong their … continue reading

Rushing to Raise

While showing homes to a buyer this morning I was told that we're supposed to be getting more rain which doesn't make me happy in the least bit considering how much we've already received. The walking path along the Winnebago River is still under water. I've already heard how some of the Counties that are downstream from us are dealing with their s … continue reading

Glorious River

Today was one of the most beautiful days to where I almost wished for it to never end.  I could tell many others of our citizenry must have thought the same because there were quite a few people out and about. I was back at it again early this morning performing little remedial chores that I want taken care of before the cold arrives. It’s alway … continue reading

Good Morning Moonshine

After the dew dried off, I managed to get the Saturday morning grass mowing done and the endless growth of weeds pulled. I actually enjoy working out of doors when the weather is pleasant. The trees are getting ready to say “farewell” to this year’s leaves, and with the amount of rain we’ve had, the growth rings on them should be much large … continue reading

Situational Amnesia

Since it was raining outside nearly all night last night, I would say I had a sort of brain numbed day where most of the time I felt like I was in a daze. The worst by-product of a day after a near sleepless night is how I seem to pay special notice of even the most common of movements around me. The bulk of my morning was spent getting the final d … continue reading

The Sixth Extinction

We certainly had a change in weather all of a sudden late this afternoon. While waiting for clients to arrive, I noticed some pretty scary storm clouds moving in from the north, and in noticing the speed of them, I knew were were going to get pounded. What I fear the most now is flash flooding. For a while there, the rain was coming down in sheets … continue reading

Many and Great

The cool air and lower humidity has made today another one of those wonderful early Fall days that remind us again how fortunate we can consider ourselves to be living in North Iowa. Yes, everyone speaks about the evils of winter, but just remember, every rose must have its thorns. With that said, it's easier to just know it's part of life in our a … continue reading

The Overdrive Switch

After a long arduous day at work, I can say it was very productive with my having sold not one, but two of my listings. As the old saying goes, “If one’s good, then two should be better.” I think many Americans don’t have to even be reminded of the idea in their accumulation of as much “stuff” as possible. From the amount of clothing in … continue reading

That Last Hurdle

Today was a whirlwind of showings when finding my buyers wanting to look at more homes than they’d already decided upon. Fortunately I was able to get them into all of them. I was again reminded when getting down into the lower price ranges, the pickings are slim and the locations and overall conditions are indeed questionable. At one of the home … continue reading

Historic Old Growth

As the daylight hours grow shorter, I hope everyone including myself will take advantage of each beautiful day we have before the cold returns. I was sad there weren’t as many visitors at my open house today, but considering the delightful weather and the festivities going on here in the City, as well as around North Iowa, it comes as no surprise … continue reading