Monthly Archives: September 2016

Every Season

I don't know about anyone else, but I would say today was a bit of a crazily weird day to where when I awake in the morning, I may think some of events of today really didn't happen. To begin with, I had to go and check out several homes that was just vacated late yesterday that are owned by several of my clients. When turning the corner from 2nd S … continue reading

Watchful Eye

It was pretty darned chilly outside this morning, but after the sun started climbing it was actually quite pleasant to where it almost seemed like a near perfect day. I happened to be driving down a street yesterday and noticed some nuts that had fallen from a tree that was planted in the parking. There was a squirrel running away with one of them … continue reading

To Shed a Tear

Today was one of those days where having arrived at the office earlier than normal and then suddenly 1:00 pm arrived. I began thinking back what could've eaten up so much of my time today. Yes, we have those days when too many duties and appointments create a bit of a time warp—especially when you have to sit as a spectator for nearly 1 ½ hours … continue reading

Enduring Reality

It was quite the dramatic change in temperatures when finding it hovering around 50 this morning along with a brisk northerly wind to make it feel all the colder. The heat we experienced last week already seems so far away. A number of people I know have always said how much they love Fall. I've always felt it to be the slow death of Spring's desir … continue reading

Better to be Helpful

When the rains, humidity, and heat leave us, there always seems to be an aftereffect on the humans when the cool dry air returns by creating a sleepiness or fatigue. I believe it's even more heightened from all the undue stress levied upon both our minds and bodies from the flooding in North Iowa. I read a very sad article today about an 80 year ol … continue reading

First in Flight

Yesterday, having promised myself a free Sunday morning to do some work outside, I woke up to a light rain. Urgh! So instead of doing something I’d planned to do, I focused on getting more inside work done that I’d promised for a rainy day. I was amazed at how quickly the morning passed to where I was rushing to get my clothes changed so I coul … continue reading

Care About Neighbors

My trip to the office this morning was a long way round one to check on the Winnebago River in hopes that it was rapidly going down. It’s receding, but not as fast as I would’ve liked. Oh well, at least we’re out of the woods for now with anymore damage done from those two days of rain. I noticed another monster limb had to be cut from an anc … continue reading

30,000 and Climbing

My fear factor was raised to a new level with the flooding that’s been taking place in and around Mason City. I have to give the City workers credit for being pro-active by thinking forward with what’s been taking place. There’s been big pumps installed in areas to get the water away from housing developments as well as sandbagging weak spots … continue reading

The Mighty Oaks

What I saw early this morning was worse than I’d expected when speaking about last night’s storm. I was shocked to see the streams along with the Winnebago River so high. As the morning wore on and going to and from appointments today, I could really see the devastation caused by the wind. I couldn’t believe how many big trees around homes we … continue reading

Storm Clouds Brewing

Well, it looks like another rainy day in North Iowa. The intermittent showers have been heavier than expected. Just now today, I happened to notice the walking path along the Winnebago River no longer being underwater, but will likely be covered again tomorrow morning if this rain continues. The wind gusts and the dark clouds were getting a little … continue reading