Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Same Sleeping Bag

It was terribly refreshing to see the sun finally shining today.  I was beginning to think it had abandoned us for another solar system.  When I was driving along Birch Drive earlier, I just happened to get a glimpse of a hen turkey with a handful of smaller ones near the roadway.  They made me smile when watching them in how the young ones seem … continue reading

The City Splash

My morning started even more early than early in knowing I had to get a few things done before the office phone started ringing.  I was surprised to see so many deer out wandering about as I was driving through the residential districts.  The days are certainly growing shorter with the sun not coming up so early anymore.  The humidity from all t … continue reading

Sad Days Just Happen

Since we’re approaching the end of another month, the typical busy Monday arrived to where I was catching myself coming and going.  And believe it or not, it’s usually in these times I get invitations for morning coffee or lunch and usually declining due to my appointment schedules.  I had to rain check one today due to my nearing the end of … continue reading

A Rare Opportunity

Alas the sun returned today and possibly because the powers that be decided not to rain on a day were there were a number of outdoor festivals being held around North Iowa.While I was out doing yesterday mornings chores this afternoon, I found there to be mushrooms and toadstools growing.  As I said before, if we don’t stop getting so much rai … continue reading

Calming Waters

Since we were cursed with more rain last night and again this morning, I wasn’t able to get my Saturday morning chores done as I would’ve liked, so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for it.  I’ve been noticing all the more now how the cornstalks are changing from green to golden yellow which is definitely our cue that Fall will soon be … continue reading

Flip or Flap

Many times over the years I’ve heard the stories of people getting taken by tradespeople who’ve learned in a dark way how to manipulate homeowners into paying far more for improvements they wanted done on their homes and getting not only gouged on the price but also being left with terribly inferior work.  Today I heard a real life story about … continue reading

Dogged Determination

It's amazing when looking for what one would believe to be the most common of items to replace, you find yourself looking everywhere including online, and ending at dead ends.  I think there's some great conspiracy taking place with manufactures to where if you need to have a common item replaced, you have to go back to that manufacturer.  As my … continue reading

Offering Far More at 104

I was a bit concerned about possible flooding in our area due to the continued rain last evening.  When driving to work I noticed quite a bit of water standing so I made sure to check to see how high the banks of the Winnebago River were, and as I suspected, the water level was considerably higher than it was yesterday.  I was sad to hear about R … continue reading

Whispering Needles

After yesterday's disappointments, I was once again re-charged by several conversations I had with a dear client and an exceptionally kind-hearted customer.  The more I get to know this particular customer, the more I believe him to be a kindred spirit.  I shared a little bit of what happened and his only reply was, "Karma always has a way of mak … continue reading

Thoughts of Her

As we all know, there are those days when you just wanna reel time back to the point of waking and tell yourself, "Some days are going to be difficult and this may be one of them." I think if one's more prepared, the shock of some of the happenings aren't as breathtaking.  Today has been another confirmation of the buying frenzy that has been movi … continue reading