Monthly Archives: July 2016

Weeds in Cracks

A nearly perfect Sunday came and went where everyone seemed more grounded.  There were a larger number of strollers and bikers out and about this morning and each time I’d see them it made me smile knowing they weren’t glued to their easy chairs watching TV or entertaining themselves with some form of social media.  I may sound like a bit of … continue reading

Talking to my Dog

Again this morning was yet another Saturday where I was early at the office cutting the grass behind my building with my reel mower which I’m “reelingly” starting to fall in like with, and also doing the trimming out with my hand scythe.  There’ve been a handful of people this summer commenting on my reel mower, and most saying they’d ne … continue reading

Flavor of the Day

The cooler temperatures have been a welcome relief from past days.  I actually opened the upper transoms at my office so to allow the fresh cool air in.  I’ve always been thankful for having them so to allow air movement through the whole building.  It makes me wonder sometimes how people can be stuck in an office all day breathing re-cycled a … continue reading

The Big Carrot

I mentioned some months ago about there being those rare occasions in real estate where no matter what you do in keeping a file or transaction moving forward, there’s found a subsequent kicking back.  I have one of those particular transactions taking place right now were every step of moving forward, there’s been found another boomerang comin … continue reading

The Happy House

As summer’s been rolling along we’re seeing the corn pollinating, the baby calves out in the pastures getting bigger, and all the empty nests of our local bird population who arrived early this Spring to create another generation of hatchlings.  I’m always glad when the “empty nest” time arrives because watching some of the birds being n … continue reading

Time Enough to Speak

It looks like the market is starting to pick back up again with inquiries on homes and sales being posted.  It’s comes as no surprise there having been fewer buyers out there when the heat and humidity was likely driving them back into cooler zones of comfort.  I took a few hours out of my schedule to get some much needed tidying up around my o … continue reading

A Taste for Beer or Wine

One of the highlights of my morning was to go and pick up a gift that I’d decided some time ago to give to a dear friend of mine.  When you’ve known and highly respected someone from your past, and then years later comes another along who shares many of the same tastes and mindset, then I consider it a message to do something for the current a … continue reading


Thank heaven the wind changed and now we’re back to the cooler air from the north.  For me, summer is at its best when we have the cooler and drier breezes.  I still can’t fathom how people living in the hilly southern States like Tennessee, Kentucky, and the Virginias can stand the heat and humidity during the summer.  A number of years ago … continue reading

Green and Growing

I was sorry to find it raining early this afternoon when all the barbecue festivities were underway in East Park.  I’m sure it put a damper on the event since most of that grilling takes place out in the open.  When I came back from my open house I didn’t smell it in the air as I normally do during previous events.  Perhaps the weather this … continue reading

Every Day and Every Way

Fortunately the heat and humidity wasn’t as bad as I was expecting to where actually it didn’t seem as brutally hot as yesterday.  Thinking it was going to be another scorcher, I made sure to get as many of my outside errands run as early as possible.  The bulk of my day was busying myself with preparing for closings coming up in the next wee … continue reading