Monthly Archives: June 2016

Storm Clouds are Brewing

My morning started much earlier than normal due to an early closing I had to be in attendance up in Forest City at 9:00 am on the absolutely beautiful acreage I listed over near Britt that was on the market less than a week.  While doing my final walk thru, picking up my sign, and taking the lock box off the door, I spent a little time getting my … continue reading

Nuanced by their Past

It was somewhat surprising to find there not having been more calls on my new listing, but instead a number of appointments being made by other Realtors to show a handful of my listing that have been on the market for a while.  Perhaps 15 N. Ohio hasn’t hit all the websites yet or possibly many of the other Realtors are more concerned about show … continue reading

15 N. Ohio

I’ve always considered it rather interesting in how people perceive themselves along with the world in which they live.  What got me started thinking about this was a conversation I happened to have with a young man.  I’m not sure how we happened on the subject, but I continued expanding on a thought he had by saying, “I may be the stranges … continue reading

New Owners

First off tonight, I must mention a drastic price reduction I just received from the owner of 1029 - 12th St. NE here in Mason City.  He informed me today that he’ll be taking a new job far out of town next month and is now determined to have his home sold quickly.  It is now listed at $84,500 and as far as I’m concerned it should really crea … continue reading

A Memorable Day

If we look for it, every day can be a new and memorable one to where we’ll continue to look for the next.  I had several memorable events starting with this morning.  At likely the last moment, I decided to drive to another town not so terribly far away and attend a church service.  I made it there about two minutes before the tower bell tolle … continue reading

A Good Finger Lick

In knowing it was going to be a scorcher today, I was determined to get my little weekly outside chores finished before the sun started raising the temps.   We had an interesting light shower Downtown this morning from a rogue rain cloud flying through.  It's always interesting to see it rain when most of the sky is clear.  The remainder of my … continue reading

Cloistered Life

Happenings upon happenings took place today so much that I’m finding it hard remembering where they began and ended.  I not so sure if it’s because I changed my daily regimen a bit to compensate for added duties that were placed on my shoulders.  For whatever reason, I found myself on the phone earlier this morning with a dear client/customer … continue reading

Every Last Twisted Twig

While sitting in on a closing today of one my office listings I came to the understanding how much our City is getting more bottle-necked in not having enough affordable housing for buyers in our market who are tired of renting and now looking to not only purchase something they can call their own, but to start establishing real roots in our commun … continue reading

The Pains of Plastique

I wasn’t surprised to see the creeks and rivers filling up this morning from all the rain we received last night.  Someone said earlier this afternoon that we were likely to get another one today but fortunately it didn’t happen.  We’ve had enough to last us for a while.  It almost reminds me of a summer not so many years ago when we were … continue reading

Full Moon on Summer’s Solstice

After a showing last night to the most delightful young couple,  I was exceptionally curious what they thought of it after having slept on it and likely talked about it before going to work this morning.  Once in a great while I get a “feeling” about a particular home being a great fit for someone who’s looked at it.  As we all know, we ca … continue reading