Monthly Archives: May 2016

There’s No Such thing as Number “C”

Fortunately both of my office closings happened today without any hiccups.  One of them closed on time while the other one was a day over.  With the new TRID rules having gone into law late last year, it’s been quite an adjustment for all parties involved.  I’m not so sure why the Federal Government decided to enact such a cumbersome law to … continue reading

Blank Canvas Basement

I hope everyone had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.  For most areas in the northern parts of our Country, this weekend is considered the official beginning of summer, and Labor Day weekend being its end.  I know Clear Lake’s seasonal residents have considered this their time frame for living in their summer abodes.  Every time I hear of a pro … continue reading

The Paragon of Quality and Charm

Before and after my real estate appointment today I was physically working to the point until when 5:00 pm arrived, I could feel my physical exhaustion kicking into high gear. A client called and asked if I’d like to have steaks with his brother who’s visiting and all I could say was, “I’m so tired from working today, I wouldn’t be of the … continue reading

The Endless Mists of May

I was sorry to find it raining so much of the day which certainly quashed many of the outdoor activities that were planned Downtown.  I always feel sorry for those hard working marching bands who’ve done so much practicing for this big event that happens only once a year and then to find they can’t make a good show of their hard work.  I trie … continue reading

The Best of Intentions

While enduring the near non-stop rains today I couldn’t help but hope and pray that tomorrow will be a sunny day for The Festival of Bands.  In recent years I’ve tried to always made sure to be in attendance, but other pressing tasks will cause a no-show for me in the morn.  After finally completing two long awaited and most overdue reports t … continue reading

In Two’s

I’m not so sure what’s been going on Downtown with all the digging along the streets.  Sometimes it looks like they’re running underground cable, while others it appears they’re pouring new pedestals for street lights.  It’s too bad they’re doing it now with Band Festival coming up this weekend.  I was glad to see the street sweepers … continue reading

Setting a Precedence

Another productive day just happened and I’m glad for it.  Since an unfortunate as well as unexpected circumstance took place last month, I’m finally getting myself back up to speed with even the most minor of duties that I’ve pushed aside in favor of more important and pressing tasks.  I have two narrative valuations to do tomorrow and whe … continue reading

Entering with a Smile

If ever there was a year where there was a shortage of clean, maintenance free, and affordably priced rental housing available in Mason City or Clear Lake, I would say these past months have been showing me the signs that we are in that time.  Whenever I post a home for rent on my website and other social medias, I feel as though it’s the only o … continue reading

A Flying Trip (Part 2)

With the continuation of my narrative of yesterday’s travels, I forgot to mention how when driving south along Hwy. 69, there was an ever-lingering smell of animal in the air.  I only had my window cracked a bit to allow for fresh air and still I could smell it.  I fully understand why I see Wright County plates on cars parked in some of the lo … continue reading

A Flying Trip (Part I)

After today, I will remain diligent in promoting Mason City and Clear Lake as being our future Star of the North.  In talking about myself as well as most of us, I usually expect to find something I’m in need of locally.  Believe it or not, I’m far more of a proponent of keeping local businesses in the green than anyone would think.  As I’ … continue reading