Monthly Archives: April 2016

Still on the Hunt in Lake Mills

I met with a client today who’ll be listing her home with me next week and we happened upon the subject of deaths in the family because she’d seen my mother’s obituary in the paper.  She was very interested in hearing about her passing so I told her what had happened.  She then shared her story about her husband’s passing some years ago. … continue reading

Much Better than Most

It was so terribly cold today due to the biting wind, I thought we were back in March again.  Being backed up with personal duties, I was out in the wind more than I wanted to be today and I hope I don’t come down with something from it.  I’ve always been more a lover of the sunny warm days rather than the cold and dark.  Someone was telling … continue reading

Back Down Memory Lane

As I’d suspected, my new listing at 280 Parkridge Drive has been getting quite a bit of activity right out of the gates today.  I’ll not be surprised if it gets sold before the weekend finishes.  As I mentioned earlier, the home has some very unique features that make it all the more desirable than what you’d normally find in its price rang … continue reading

For Buying Two Eight Zero

If there ever was a day when I felt stretched to the limit, today was one of them to where I actually found myself 20 minutes late for an appointment.  All I could do was apologize to my client.  It doesn’t help when making flimsy excuses for one’s own oversights.  It’s just best to blame oneself rather than attempting to place the blame o … continue reading

Home Seller Alert for Lake Mills

I'm happy to announce I listed another home today in the East Park/Swimming Pool neighborhood.  What better time to buy in this district with Summer now unfolding?  The home is located at 912 - 11th St. NE here in Mason City Iowa and I can assure everyone it's been completely update to where a buyer will have to do nothing but move in and enjoy. … continue reading

Cough up some Cash

A great and wonderful soft landing occurred today with the closing of a sale to some absolutely dear people who’ve been a joy to work with from beginning to end.  I know some may think me a bit of an idealist, but I believe the purchase and sale of a home should be as stressless as everyone can make it.  I’ve been on the search for properties … continue reading

You’ll Come Alive at 905

It was quite the shock for me today in noticing how quickly the grass is growing all around town.  It looks like it’s going to be one of those Summers that suddenly “happens”. I’m not quite so sure where the day went with all the little errands needing to be run as well as moving a few things around in my office.  When we have beautiful d … continue reading

Something for Free

It looks like the buyers are still on the prowl this beautiful weekend due to the number of prospects that toured my public open house today.  Most of them were young first time buyers who’re looking at getting out of their current rental situations.  One of them said they’ve already done the math on owning versus renting and they believe it … continue reading

Into People’s Souls

Today was the most absolutely beautiful day so far this year with there being no wind and the sun shining brightly, and with it being such a lovely day, it helped as a counter balance to some unfortunate cover-ups I discovered at a home that’s being restored.First off, the plumber discovered the previous owner had wrapped the second floor drain … continue reading

What Most Consider Un-Acceptable

Every time I receive an offer on a property I have listed from someone who’s working with another agent that is so ridiculously lower than the asking price I think to myself, “Why was that agent even showing it?”  For an offer to come in today $45,000 less than asking price is beyond my understanding.  In all the years I’ve sold homes, I … continue reading