Monthly Archives: March 2016

At the Forefront

I spent some time last evening with a very interesting person I’ve known for a number of years who always seems to look at situations from an angle others don’t and able to shed a different light on some of the simplest of things we take for granted.  I’m convinced genius is born within those who look at the world around us not as it is thro … continue reading

Nobody Rides the Bus For Free

For some great and wonderful reason, good things seem to be pushing aside all the darkness that’s been lingering over North Iowa.  Perhaps the pushing forward of those few who’ve stood their ground and said, “No more.” has finally started saturating the populous.  Many of us are long tired of those who’re waiting for the Gods to drop ou … continue reading

Elegance on Oak Drive

It seems the race is on in North Iowa with home sales this Spring. Already this week, our office is on another roll with the sales of our listings.  In knowing there's been some first-time buyer resistance these past several years, I think in seeing the costs of rental housing still on the rise, the tenants are likely saying, “Enough is enough! … continue reading

Helicopter Mom

If there ever was one of those busy days after a holiday, this one was beyond being one.  After my stacked appointments were over at 2:00 p.m, one of my dear clients walked into the office, and as the door closed I raised my hands high and yelled, “I made it!  I got through all of my stacked after-the-holiday appointments!”  She laughed and … continue reading

Happy Easter of 2016

Certainly everyone has had a great Easter Sunday between attending Paschal Services, getting together with family or friends, and possibly being invited to an Easter Egg Hunt and watching the sometimes comical searchings of the children.  I’m sure everyone’s been invited to Easter dinners having been prepared by someone close.  Yes, the memor … continue reading

Reach for It

It seems a long time coming but alas we're only a day away from Easter.  For me, Easter has always been the "marker" of sorts to where the darkness of Winter ends and the light of Spring begins.  Certainly we've had days beyond Easter to where they felt like the return of Winter, but those were nothing but bumps in the road on the way towards the … continue reading

90+ Year Old De-boner

The week appears to be rounding itself out quite nicely with our new listings and sales at Holtz Realty.  I attended the closing of one of my listings early this morning and in spite of it being delayed a week, we yet again had another soft-landing closing.  The seller has been such a peach through this whole process and I’ll certainly remember … continue reading

The French Woman’s Lover

It’s absolutely amazing how we went from about four inches of heavy snow on the ground this morning to dry streets, sidewalks, and green grass.  I felt sorry for the Robins fluttering about as if they were out of their elements.  I wasn’t surprised to find the trees covered with ice this morning.  I was parked under a tall one this afternoon … continue reading

Parking Yourself on Park Lane

I’m getting a little concerned we may have sleet before the snow arrives tonight and that certainly won’t be a good thing.  When the temperatures are hovering around freezing, that’s usually when we get it.  I fully understand how the people living in the Northeast must feel when a NorEasterly moves in.  The wind gusts with the rain this a … continue reading

Ushering in Evil

The market activity has been exceptionally brisk to where I'm a little bit on the cautioning side with a few of my buyers who're starting to get fearful someone else will be able to buy a home they're looking at before they can make an offer it, and then possibly jumping too quickly before they've had time to really make sound decisions.  Buying a … continue reading