Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Most Bi-Partisan State

It was indeed a wonderful last day of January I've experienced in a number of years.  With no wind, a cloudless sky, and temperatures creeping towards 40 degrees made for a great day to be out and about.  My public open house at 1045 Park Lane was certainly a success.  There were at least four out of the ten people there who were showing strong … continue reading

Up in a Tree

Certainly some may believe me one considered to be an "outside the box" thinker, and for sure my comments and suggestions have bristled a few over the years, but isn't it best to speak ones mind rather than to continually go with the flow with weak verbiage?  One of my best friends has learned over the years that nearly never have any of my statem … continue reading

January Thaw

With it being Friday again, I made sure I busied myself with getting everything done that had been put on the back burner this week.  I do dislike having tasks not completed to where they continue to mentally “gnaw” at me until they're finished.  While driving home I couldn't think of anything left undone so tomorrow's arrival at the office w … continue reading

Slow Readers and Thinkers

As I had suspected, the home I listed yesterday at 1045 Park Lane has already had two showings on it. One of the agents acknowledged interest as well as agreeing there's very few if any homes in its price range offering upgraded mechanicals as well being in a more sought after neighborhood.  One home on Park Lane which is almost exactly the same s … continue reading

A Rare Park Lane Open

There couldn't have been a day these past weeks in which I felt all the more as though I were racing against the clock.  It was one of those to where all the value added extras people sometimes expect from me for some reason arrived all at once.  Not to worry, I managed to get everything accomplished and make it to my last appointment exactly o … continue reading

Telling Their Stories

I'm sure many of you are a bit tired of me speaking about most of the closings I have and referring to them as being "soft landings", but for me the reason I speak of them is because too many of the general public believe real estate transactions are similar to having to go the the dentist, and it's at times too often painful.  I truly work at not … continue reading

Balance and Counter-balance

In spite of the weather outside, I'm exceptionally happy that come the first of February we'll be on the downhill slide of winter.  I can't believe that in just a week's time we'll be on the eve of Ground Hog's Day.  I'm all prepared for a long awaited closing to take place tomorrow and in hope's it will be another soft landing for everyone invol … continue reading


Some Sundays are just there with many people going through their self-taught rituals of setting aside today to do a number of things they've decided must be done over any other day.  Of course many have going to church on Sunday morning at the top of their lists, and then continue on with other duties they've set aside.  I had to run to the groce … continue reading

Birth Year

Today, I could certainly tell we're going to have a full moon tonight.  For some reason, there are those who seem to be less themselves and more in the back and forth swing of emotion.  Those that have nearly nothing to say turn into chatter boxes as well as those who're more outgoing, becoming reticent.  Since we're all interconnected with Natu … continue reading

Eight-Windowed Bay

From the moment I arrived at the office today I was in a nearly non-stop state of over-drive due to my having to get a number of documents signed by a client and delivered to appropriate places—including driving nearly half way to Clear Lake and back on greasy snow covered streets.  I was exceptionally happy to have had yet another nearly “sof … continue reading