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Adios 2015

At around 4:45 p.m. today I finally managed to get myself caught up from being in the midst of setbacks yesterday.  To top yesterday off, I didn't exactly get a good nights sleep  after being awakened by noisy snowmobilers racing around in the fields during late night hours.  I'm astounded every winter when the snows arrive to see how nonchalant … continue reading

Beyond our Days of Darkness

Intervening circumstances have always been difficult to handle when attempting to perform daily tasks in timely manners.  It was yet another day in which I remembered how easily the best laid plans of mice and men can so quickly go awry.  With having a worker for some reason or other deciding without notice to not show up for a given task today, … continue reading

Standing Your Ground

O Mercy!  We certainly had a good helping of snow covering the landscape of North Iowa this morning.  I'm glad I wasn't heavy with appointments thus affording me more time to focus on getting the snow shoveled.  I'm exceptionally thankful the snow was of the lighter type rather than the “snow cone” variety we had earlier.  So it's Winter an … continue reading

An Ice Scraper and a Pizza Box

This winter blast has certainly kept me on edge all day.  The weather forecasters said it would start snowing at 9:00 a.m. and quit at 6:00 p.m tonight.  They were correct about when it would start but it's long after 6:00 p.m. and the snow is still falling.  One thing I'm glad I did on Saturday was to spend the extra time getting the ice off th … continue reading

Mouse Art

In seeing so many sidewalks Downtown still covered with ice this morning, I was being exceptionally hopeful there were no sudden falls by any of the elderly in their travels to and from their respective churches.  This was my Sunday to play the pipe organ over at St. Paul Lutheran Church.  After this morning, I'm considering myself over the hump … continue reading

The Christmas Full Moon

With every rose there must always be those darned thorns to endure.  I thought of this when I walked outside this morning and noticed the amount of sleet we received in the night. If ever in one day I got a good workout with chiseling ice from sidewalks, this was one of them.  Certainly the City workers were getting paid overtime for working on S … continue reading

Christmas Day of 2015

Yet another Christmas Day has nearly passed, and realized after some of today's events, I've come to the conclusion I'm a bit of a dinosaur in regards to attending religious gatherings on Christmas Day.  Perhaps for me it's the era from which I was hard coded early-on with things that “felt” like being part of a religious gathering in celebrat … continue reading


Christmas Eve has arrived and everyone who's been wanting a white Christmas has their wish fulfilled, but as I mentioned earlier, I'm OK with it as long as it's all melted the day after tomorrow.  I felt as though I spent half the day shoveling the nasty stuff that didn't melt from yesterday as well as what fell this afternoon.  One of the patron … continue reading

Future Good Times

Being just the next day of December officially being named “The First Day of Winter”, we can certainly say it looks and feels like it.  This is the second dropping of the very heavy white stuff which is more dangerous when walking and driving in it.  I did manage to get a home sold today which I'm hopeful will not be my last one for this year … continue reading

Winter Solstice

This morning I re-listed a home I had on the market earlier this year which the sellers decided to take off the market and do some improving on the basement to afford more living area.  When I went over to their home to take a photo of the new ½ bath in the basement, I was shocked to see how delightful the whole basement area had evolved into a c … continue reading