Monthly Archives: November 2015

Black Shadows

If there ever was a day most recently that was filled with non-stop duties, this was certainly one of those days.  From the moment 8:00 a.m arrived, I felt as though I was catching myself coming and going.  I passingly mentioned to someone about how today was so terribly busy and the non-emotional remark was, “Mondays are always busy.”  Real … continue reading

Royalty without Servants

It looks like people are really on the burn during this season of Advent to have their Christmas decorations lighted both on the inside and outside of their homes.  Being a bit of the old fashioned type, I believe our society is becoming far too much tuned into the visuals.  I always considered these weeks before Christmas to be a time to be mo … continue reading

Barricades of Color

A great reminder was given me today when I entered the choir loft of St. Paul Lutheran Church and found all the music I'm scheduled to play tomorrow morning to be completely foreign to me and was once again brought to the realization that I don't know even a portion of liturgical music that's being played in the different churches.  It was a humbl … continue reading

Out in our Universe

The northerly wind today was causing the temperatures to feel all the colder outside.  I'm not so sure where all the people were on Black Friday because of how little traffic I found on the streets.  It may have been the biting wind or perhaps people are finally starting to learn to stop buying so many things they really don't need.  Rampant con … continue reading

Turn Back the Pages

I'm in hopes everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving and was able to spend some time with loved ones.  Having had a great deal of time to do some deep thinking as well as remembering today, I've decided society as a whole has become all the more detached on a regular basis from their families. With that said, I'm believing the few holidays that still … continue reading

Ya, Ya, and Ya

In having to make an early morning trip over to Charles City for a closing this morning, I was ever so thankful the weather was pleasant and above freezing.  The cloud cover was quite interesting in color and form.  Most think gray skies are just plain gray, but when paying more attention, one finds subtleties that make them quite unique.  There … continue reading

You’ve been Peeking

With the temperatures hovering around freezing most of the morning, I found myself dodging water droplets from icicles on the roofs of a few homes and buildings.  In attempting to get myself acclimated to the colder weather, I've been forcing myself to not yet wear such heavy winter clothing.  During the very cold days of our winter ahead, we'll … continue reading

Suet Crust

As I mentioned to one of my clients today, there's likely nothing one can do to make some people understand the idea of making firm decisions about either buying or renting a property they've looked at.   There've been times when I've had my ears burned by nasty language directed at me from people who believed I was going to call them and let the … continue reading

She Cave

The streets and roads were exceptionally slippery today with the ground temperatures warmer than the surface creating the nastiest of walking and driving conditions.  It wasn't surprising to find cars off the roads due to people likely not driving more slowing.  I did see something on the weather channel predicting sleet in the coming 10 day fore … continue reading


The snow shoveling workouts have started across North Iowa today after getting more than a good helping of snow.  I really don't mind shoveling snow as long as it isn't the sticky, wet, and heavy type that we received.  One almost has to do a half scoop instead of a full just because of its sticky weight. I looked at the weather forecast for the … continue reading