Monthly Archives: September 2015

Token from the Past

Being the last day of the month again I found myself wearing two hats.  One hat a Realtor's and the other being a Property Manager's.  Since I do help some of my clients with their rentals, I find the last several days of the month and the first days of the following to be the times when the most activity takes place.  I'm just happy the day f … continue reading

A Calling

This past month I've been spending a little extra time in babysitting several files that will be closing soon, and what I've noticed as before, is that most sellers who live out of State really don't get it when moving through a normal real estate transaction.  Again today, I found myself having turned into a human vending machine.  What really i … continue reading

Blood Moon

As we are approaching the end of September I'm finding the real estate market still brisk in North Iowa. It's certainly good for the sellers in knowing there are still buyers out there. I just received a price reduction today on a newer 3 bedroom ranch home that I have listed that offers more than meets the eye in a drive-by. There's plenty of room … continue reading

Rebels with a Cause

Most of my morning was spent getting ready for my public open house this afternoon and arriving a bit early at St. Paul Lutheran Church here in Mason City to get a little practicing done before their morning services.  There was someone who wasn't able to play today so they asked if I would be willing to fill in for the one scheduled.  I again me … continue reading

Houses of Darkness

Some may think me be a bit much in talking about the weather often, but I do have to say our weather today was about as perfect as one could expect.  Even some of the people I encountered today mentioned how delightful the weather has been.  One even said, “I wish I owned a convertible because this would be a perfect day to go driving around th … continue reading

They’ll Take Care of You

Whenever our daily routine gets interrupted, many of us arrive home a bit more exhausted than normal due to being pulled off our balanced wheel of duties.  With the visitation of a relative here in Mason City these past several days, I've noticed it having an effect on my routine as well.  My exceptionally clever grandmother used to say, “Guest … continue reading

Rusty Old Barge

The rain we had these past 24 hours should certainly give the water table a boost going into the cold months, but then again reading how the El Nino that's taking place on the Pacific side this season will likely bring us much warmer weather along with more precipitation.  If we do get a large amount of snow, I hope it will be warm enough to melt … continue reading

Contagious Acts of Kindness

The rain we've had today came as an unexpected surprise.  Again, I believe our weather of days like today to be more reflective of a month or so earlier.  The people who have lawn service jobs are sure to be happy over this rain and warmer weather which is keeping their grass cutting businesses brisk.  These past several days have been keeping m … continue reading

Our own Worst Enemy

September always seems to be that month of the year when suddenly we realize that Summer is nearing its end and looking and planning for the cold months ahead.  For some reason those darned real estate tax bills have to be paid by the end of this month. I'm sure many business people brace themselves for a lean October due to all the outlays during … continue reading

Half Moon

With the first Day of Fall arriving tomorrow, I'm sure everyone is thinking about the pleasant days ahead.  There are many who've opted out of taking their vacation during the Summer months and waiting until the Autumn weather arrives with the pleasant days, cool nights, and the abundant splashes of color covering the landscapes of the North.  Of … continue reading