Monthly Archives: August 2015

A Friend Indeed

Fortunately, today marked the day of the closing of the sale of a home which is the last of what I been plagued with these past several months. I've not so endearingly considered them “toxic” sales. There is no question in my mind that many in the general real estate field have not been involved enough with red flags that show up on occasions … continue reading

Crossing the Bridge

Upon arrival at the office this morning and listening to a message on my answering machine, I got my day off on completely the wrong note.  The call was from a tenant who lives in a home one of my clients own, and the message was informing me raccoons managed to chew a hole in the roof's overhang and are living in a knee wall of the attic.  I dro … continue reading

Six Hands and One Vision

At times it can be exasperating when coming to an agreement on price between buyers and sellers.  On the sellers' side we sometimes find them deeply entrenched with the idea that their property is special and worth more than similar ones that have sold for less.  We also have to deal with a strong emotional attachment some have to their homes, an … continue reading

Whole House Facilitators

Another gray day in North Iowa with the storm fronts moving through shedding enough rain to keep the fields green and growing.  Certainly these rainy days have stalled the moving of the Egloff House across Carolina Bridge.  Likely too risky business with everything being wet and slippery.  Every time I see the name of the builder of the Egloff H … continue reading

Day Rainy

In spite of the rain and excess humidity, I managed to have a few delightful surprises on files I've been working on for the past month.  Seems every cloud does have a silver lining.  I can't stress enough with people, and even more so the younger crowd, to be aware of the extra miles some people go to get things done for them, and to be sure of … continue reading

Spirit and Grace

While waiting for a Downtown church to open early this morning, I did some walking around about five blocks that are located east of Pennsylvania Avenue.  I'm exceptionally excited about the momentum that's building in those blocks.  The three flood homes that were moved downtown are slowly getting settled into their new resting places, and belie … continue reading

Flowery Words

While on my way to show an acreage this morning that's about a half hour drive from here, caused me to think and remember how our North Iowa landscape has really changed.  Once off the highway and traveling the blacktops, I became fully aware how so few farmsteads that are left.  Many of the ones still there have newer homes built on them and m … continue reading

Only Prussian Tower

Most of us were certainly not expecting this heat and humidity today while attempting to get things done outside. I discovered something very interesting today in making a decision to walk over to an office that is by car likely over four blocks away, but being the exploring type, I decided to walk it since it wasn't so hot outside. To my surprise, … continue reading

Curtain Rising on Fairfax

In spite of the day being filled with phone calls, text messages, listing a condo, and showing several homes later this afternoon, I still had time to stop at an elderly clients home and have a good chat.  Perhaps the reason I like stopping there every so often is due to her clever little remarks that seem to dispel the hardness of our times.  Sh … continue reading

Just another Flyby

Sometimes we can't help but consider fortunate things that happen to be nothing less than Divine intervention.  I have been working through, as well as enduring a very stress-filled problem with a closing that should have taken place weeks ago due to a serious title issue.  The problem was identified and my office along with two attorneys and sev … continue reading