Monthly Archives: August 2015

Seize a Great Buy

A typical Monday unfolded for me with the normal first of the week duties and the extra phone calls that had questions to be answered after waiting the weekend.  I had a quick chat with one of the people working on the next phase of the proposed facade grants the City is working on getting approved.  Most of the general public don't realize how m … continue reading

Third Time’s a Charm

Nearly a perfect day again today once the heavy dew lifted.  I happened to notice quite a few people out working in their yards.  It was likely because it wasn't so hot nor the sun so intense.  With the high cloud cover, we haven't been able to get a good view of the full moon these past several days.  I can certainly say there's been a few who … continue reading

Caught on a Reef

I was internally very happy with myself today for having finished another project that's been a bit tedious and now moving on to the next and looking back with a smile.  I've come to the conclusion that far too many people, and especially the young do not keep themselves busy enough to where they are burning about as many calories each day as they … continue reading

Better Things to Do

Hopefully the rain with dissipate soon for I believe we've had enough in this month.  I've noticed we didn't even have the “brown” time of summer this year.  Remember when we always seemed to have a time for weeks when there wasn't enough rain to keep the grass growing and many would be out watering their flowers and lawns?  This summer we o … continue reading

Curtain Rising on 72 Stony Way

Time seemed to race past me today in an overdrive fashion due to the layers of appointments and duties.  I always seem to get a boost whenever someone arrives at the office who has not been inside before.  I was a bit embarrassed by not having things tidied up and more presentable, but this past month certainly kept me hopping with the nasty prob … continue reading

The Quality of Success

Some mornings when I arrive at the office a bit earlier than normal, I once in a while decide to simply go for a walk in the general perimeters of the Historic Downtown.  Each time I go out, I make a point of going in a different direction.  As I've mentioned before, simply walking a given district gives one a closer look as well as a “feel” … continue reading

Time to See Two O Nine

Making a few extra stops early this morning caused me to be a bit out of my normal routine.  One of my dear elderly clients has a birthday coming up so I thought it best to stop with a card and a small gift.  I teasingly asked her if she wanted me to sing Happy Birthday and she wouldn't stop encouraging me until I did.  After I sang it for her s … continue reading

Just in Time for Twelve O Nine

Best laid plans do so often go awry.   I was reminded today that when even all the best intentions for someone can be, there are sometimes those little hooks that drag us back to reality.  In attempting to help someone get some much needed work scheduled today, I found after orchestrating the times, I had to go back and change them because the o … continue reading


This morning seemed a harbinger of likely more similar days in the not so near future.  I truly enjoy the cooler weather but it was a bit of a shock today from the days previous.  The blinding sun early this morning while traveling the roads was also a sign the Autumnal Equinox is not so many days away.While attempting to get some paperwork cau … continue reading

Holding up the Mirror

After being in a handful of homes this morning all save one, I was all the more convinced that most people absolutely do not know how to clean in preparing their homes for sale.  I found lingering odors of likely multiple cats, the smell of old grease, and uncleaned carpets.  If one doesn't really work at keeping their carpets clean, those very c … continue reading