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The last day of this July brings with it a blue moon tonight. I'm sure there'll be many out howling and likely wake up some time tomorrow and attempt to remember what they said and did while being three sheets to the wind. If we can ever get to the point of having a near crime free city, I wouldn't be surprised if there will be the return of the fu … continue reading

Powerful Natural Veggies

At last, after being near a month over-due, one of my listings closed today. Sitting at the closing table while watching and listening to the interaction between the buyers and sellers, I was convinced that this particular transaction was meant to be. Knowing both the sellers and buyers well enough, I can say that really good people do more often g … continue reading

Three Places

My day started out a bit earlier than normal due to some early morning errands needing my attention. It's actually quite nice once in a while to be downtown before the traffic gets heavy and the buzz of commerce begins. With the wind picking up today, it helped to keep the humidity and temperatures down. I can already tell that we are close to Augu … continue reading

More Simple

In the midst of the dripping humidity today, I was able to finally get a particular loan file ready to close after wrangling with title issues for nearly four weeks. Yes, title issues can bring out the worst in buyers and sellers as well sometimes causing buyers to walk away from the table due to the extended time lost in waiting. I'm very proud of … continue reading

Prey for Them

The temperature may be a bit cooler but the humidity is getting higher and have noticed the moods of some to be directly associated with our current weather. Dog days are what we used to call them. They were called dog days because it was a time when you just didn't pester dogs that were suffering even more so by the heat for fear you may get snapp … continue reading


Without a doubt, I would say this past week has been quite interesting to say the least. More times than normal I found myself e-mailing and texting due to quirky situations mostly attributed to title problems with files coming up to close. Thus far, things have been successful but there are still some hurdles to jump over on a few others. There mu … continue reading

Head First

Some days are just that way. We never can understand why at times we wake up and see the world in a light that is so absolutely clear with all its blemishes and say to ourselves,  "Why is it people can't see what they're doing to the world we live in?" Everyone talks about community yet there is always the hook of "what's in it for me?" and we are … continue reading

It’s about We

Arriving downtown early this morning with the rains just starting was quite the experience. It was coming down in near sheets of water and I was hoping it wasn't going to keep it up in fear we would be experiencing near flood conditions. Happy that the storm coming from the south had finally passed, about a half hour later I noticed how dark the sk … continue reading

Overrun by European Buckthorn

Coming to another soft landing with a closing today gave me great joy due to the complexity of the transaction. It was good that everyone was warned in the beginning of the possible rocky road we would be riding down before closing took place. I'm glad it wasn't nearly as bad as expected and certainly the buyers and sellers are happy about that. Wi … continue reading

Troubling Transfers

Driving past a few homes today caused me to smile inside in seeing real and likely lasting improvements being made. There actually are some owners living in older homes here in Mason City that make the appropriate improvements. Every time I see someone making window openings smaller than the original cause me to think they're just trying to save a … continue reading