Monthly Archives: June 2015

Pave the Way for the Gentrifiers

Being out of the office today more than normal due to a number of errands I had to perform in and around the downtown. Since the weather was pleasant, I decided to walk to every appointment that wasn’t so terribly far. It really is interesting to find how perspectives change of a business or home one drives past, in contrast to the impression one … continue reading

Behavior Modification

Having to endure times with colleagues who don't listen or read messages from me cause me to wonder if all the peripherals of the internet, plug-ins, and social media in play around them, give cause for them to be in the state of half concentration when reading or listening. Multi-tasking has risen to a new level this past decade. More often than n … continue reading

Three Ladies and a Man

Driving to work this morning a very old song came to mind which was Monday, Monday by the Mamas and Papas. I could hear the melody and some of the lyrics playing in my mind and it sort of hung around off and on the rest of the day. Perhaps I should have a few more of the oldies pop in my mind in the morning every so often just to keep me turbo cha … continue reading

The Devil Can Cite Scripture

Every once in a while I believe we're all overwhelmed by the pace in which the world is moving. Being of the stripe who seems to be able to straddle the chasm of reality where one leg stands firm on the side of old ways of thinking and doing business, and holding fast with the other leg on the side of today's form of thinking and doing. It becomes … continue reading

June’s Page

Finding myself caught up with some menial tasks far longer than expected this morning, I was almost late for my Open House at 911 S. Illinois this afternoon.  I'm still amazed at how some buyers will dismiss a home simply because of the color of the paint on the walls as well as the somewhat dated furnishings.  That home should have been sold mon … continue reading

404 South 9th St., Clear Lake IA

Summer has certainly arrived and I'm loving it! Everywhere one looks there's lush greenery. I had to laugh to myself today when someone said they can't wait until they get back home to New York City and their normal routine. Normal routine in New York would be about as far away from anything I'd ever be interested in falling into. The congestion, t … continue reading

Remnant of the Golden Age

Rising earlier than normal this morning afforded me about an hour and half to change my clothes at the office and do some mowing and weeding in the lot behind my office. It really was quite pleasant being out there in the quiet of the early morning. I heard the city birds chirping more than the regular day-time motors of cars and trucks. I didn't h … continue reading


The highlight of my day was an opportunity to visit a church of which I had been in before, but not given the nickel tour. I was impressed by the amount of involvement as well as financial help the congregation has provided over the years to make positive things happen in and outside their religious community. Many people speak highly of the religi … continue reading

Ruth’s Home

The first several days of nearly every month are more spent with the monthly paperwork along with some of the rentals I help manage. It's sort of good that these days happen because it helps me to step a bit more out into the other areas of real estate and understand the picture as a whole. There's still a demand for clean and well kept rental home … continue reading

Turning the Corner

Far too many times we dismiss things that are in the here and now as problems that cannot be fixed or needing exceedingly large amounts of time, money and talent to make positive changes.  During these past six years we've seen many great changes in the Historic Downtown that at the time were poo-pooed as costing too much, a waste of time, and lik … continue reading