Monthly Archives: June 2015

Beauty In Another Light

In leaving for the office earlier than normal, I thought I'd beat the terrible rainstorm we had this morning but didn't. The rain was coming down in sheets and the streets were like rivers of water looking for the lowest level. Until you actually see water running down streets, one doesn't really notice where the storm drain inlets are until you se … continue reading

Friday Night Live 2015

I've discovered that starting a Friday a bit earlier creates more breathing time during the day which enables me to sort of “smell the roses” throughout the day. It's quite interesting seeing the lack of movement downtown so early when the sun is shining, the birds singing, and the traffic at a bare minimum. I would encourage people who live in … continue reading

Creating our Own Footprints

With some of the international attention that is being given to the Pope's Encyclical regarding global warming, I think we're going to start hearing some great pro's and con's regarding his words to the world. Whether Christian, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, Taoist, Buddhist, Agnostic or any other belief or dis-belief on this earth, I believe it's a lo … continue reading

Plugged In and Tuned Out

The race was on this morning to get some errands done before a scheduled continuing education class that started at 11:30 a.m. at the Music Man Square. It seems inevitable that when away from my office and cell phone for a full morning or afternoon, the messages seem to be in an over-abundance upon return. It was a good afternoon and was able to ha … continue reading

Care and Share

One of my longtime clients stopped by today to chat about some real estate issues she has facing her in the near future. I supplied her with as much sound advise as possible as well as several alternatives. People who own investment property sometimes don't understand that having income producing properties is like having a part-time or full-time s … continue reading

We Can See Forever

Rock'n and Roll'n in and out of appointments as well as feeling as though my cell phone was stuck to my ear half the time, brought me to the conclusion that when doing business in real estate, one must expect the un-expected on a more often basis than not. Happenings are many times unexpected where they merely arrive and we're left to make the be … continue reading

Two Fifty-nine and a Half

My Sunday morning started about an hour before normal due to my wanting to get my open house signs out early over at Clear Lake. It's quite interesting to see what Clear Lake is like early on a Sunday morning. It seems the vacationers and seasonal residents on North Shore Drive like to get some extra sleep or perhaps they were enjoying their mornin … continue reading

Separate the Whites

Sometimes because of it being summer, one encounters some the most disgusting of natural occurrences. I was minding my own business today when preparing to straighten an outdoor rug that was outside a listing I was showing and happened to notice something moving. As I looked closer, I noticed one of the top ten most disgusting things crawling out f … continue reading

Don’t be Late for 428

Considering I would have a slow day today due to limited appointments, I certainly thought wrong because once 8:30 a.m. arrived I seemed to be on a continuous mission to keep up with the walk-ins and phone calls. I was happy to get one thing accomplished today and that was listing 428 S. Fillmore Ave. here in Mason City.It was on the market with … continue reading

Attitude is Everything

Several months ago I was called by a gentleman to go out and look at a property he was planning on selling. Being older and certainly not connected by cell phone or internet, I found him to be of the few living today who gets by in about the same way people did 20+ years ago. I walked through the property and made some suggestions as well as took n … continue reading