Monthly Archives: June 2015

Earth Friendly

I decided to end my day on the light side a touch on green awareness. My attitude was raised significantly when arriving a home late this morning for a listing appointment and discover some of the most beautiful perennials blooming in the front and rear yard. The vibrant colors being displayed by the various tiger lilies in in full bloom were breat … continue reading

Kicking Back

So much for a quiet Monday. Expecting not a great deal on my plate this morning due to my having worked diligently this past weekend to get everything caught up, the phone calls started early and kept it up long past 6:00 PM. I'm glad the market is still active and hopefully will continue on into July and August. With all the rain we've been gettin … continue reading

Fit for a queen at 418

Today was filled with delightful surprises of which several will be memorable. I had an opportunity to visit St. Paul Lutheran Church this morning and was quite impressed by their service as well as the members in attendance. The readings as well as the sermon were well planned and interesting. I was touched by the way in which they make it a point … continue reading

The Free Money Tree

How fortunate we were to have a nearly perfect day today. The Cannonball Days annual chicken barbecue provided by the Evening Lions Club most certainly must have been a success due to it being so nice outside. Last year it wasn't so nice with the intermittent rain we were getting that day. My Saturday morning chores had to get started earlier again … continue reading

In the Gatsby Style

When leaving my home early this morning I thought of nothing more than how I was going to get through this day without being late for the stack of appointments I had scheduled. Upon arrival at my office, I looked at my schedule again, composed myself, took a deep breath and moved forward with the day feeling as though I was going to be running a fu … continue reading

Cloistered Delusion

As we approach the end of the first half of 2015 I must say without question how thankful as well as appreciative I am for the business our community has given Holtz Realty. Being the oldest real estate office in North Iowa, I can say Holtz Realty has served multiple generations of families over these long years. Privately owned real estate offices … continue reading


Always and everywhere there are either neighbors, co-workers, or simply people that we happen to come in contact with on a weekly or monthly basis that seem to bring out what I would consider the "impure" thoughts. I'm hopeful that we all can say none of us are perfect in every way and certainly have our share of faults. Perhaps one of the reasons … continue reading

Friendly Fire

Up, out, and at it early again this morning is creating a bit of a habit for me and I'm thinking it's just fine. Having an earlier than normal closing caused me to make sure everything was ready for another soft landing. I know sometimes my buyers and sellers think me a bit of a mother hen with reminders, but it really does help in keeping things o … continue reading


It was a bit of a sad day today in thinking about a recent death of a dear one whom I got to know more closely when I listed her home about a year and a half ago. She passed away late last week quite unexpectedly. Jeanette Quintero was quite the lady whom I will likely never forget. She was a retired nurse who in her retirement years gave more than … continue reading

The First & Longest Day

It couldn't have been a better Sunday with the exception of the humidity being a bit higher due to all the rain we received yesterday.  Having an abnormally early Sunday morning appointment, I found myself performing my normal morning routine earlier.  After getting all the business stuff done with my client we simply talked about this and that u … continue reading