Monthly Archives: May 2015

HD Cameras

I was asked to meet the buyers this morning of an acreage they just purchased and wanted a visiting relative to see it. I got there before they arrived and nearly at the lane's end waited a kitty. As I pulled in, she came running towards my car. So funny to see a kitty do this and certainly brought back fond memories of a pet cat I had a number o … continue reading

Secondary Source

As the age of information is kicking into high gear, I'm finding more and more people relying on their cell phones and computers to archive important information. Not long ago I read a rather disturbing article about what is likely going to happen with much of the data that is being stored for an assumed posterity. What the author was keen to point … continue reading

Over or Under

It's appropriate in saying, "A funny thing happened on the way to the office this morning." Like most people who are on their way to work, I think about some of my duties for the day, as well as allow my mind to wander a bit while driving and admiring the great outdoors. Did you know that we don't really notice things while driving nearly the same … continue reading

Resident Entity

Getting a bit back on track with the day to day duties after nearly a solid week of closings, I spent some time getting caught up on correspondence as well as follow-up phone calls. One of the hardest phone calls I have to make is when informing a particular buyer that the home they wanted just sold. I can't stress enough the need for buyers to get … continue reading

A Monkey with a Red Ribbon

It may sound like I'm being a broken record in telling the world that I had yet another closing come to a soft landing today. I am eternally grateful for each and every one that takes place in such a fashion. Happy buyers and happy sellers is what it's all about. Dramas, tug of wars, harsh words, and injured feelings are things I work diligently to … continue reading

A Comfortable Home Base on 15th Place

I was exceptionally happy to have yet another home closed today with a couple who've been long time clients as well as customers of mine. I've watched their children grow into adulthood and now they're grandparents. As the stages of life unfold with growing older and housing priorities changing, I've experienced with this particular couple the whol … continue reading

Memorial Day 2015

From a dark and rainy morning we've arrived near the end of the day with blue skies and cotton candy clouds. Every year when Memorial Day arrives I seem to be automatically taken by thoughts of our deceased. Of course I think of my immediate family first and then move onto extended family, past business associates, and friends. I drove through the … continue reading

Misty Flowers

Some days are just plain gray from the beginning to the end and I think today was one of them. I believe we'll agree it's time for the rain to stop for a while. Interacting with clients and customers on days like these normally one finds them to be a bit on the reticent side. E-mails and text messages are oft times worst and causes one to momentari … continue reading

North Iowa Bank Festival 2015

Hurrying and scurrying about this morning with tasks that needed attention caused me to be a little late for the marching bands. I hadn't attended the Band Festival for a number of years until these past consecutive when I felt compelled to share photos and thoughts on my website. I'm really glad I had that initial selfish business reason which tur … continue reading

Getting A Trinity High

It was quite the busy bee day with several closings, visiting with a couple about the sale of their home, and professional meetings in between. I could tell by the traffic that Mason City is in full swing for Band Festival and Memorial Day weekend which this year falls on the same weekend. Actually I'm happy they're together this year and wish they … continue reading