Monthly Archives: March 2015

Never Whatever

If the wind were not out the north today, it would have been considered a most delightful first day of Spring. I was showing a property and noticed some Peonies just starting to push out of the ground. They made me smile. Of course I also noticed some of those first to grow early Spring weeds starting as well. It always seems to be an “us against … continue reading


Another one of my listings sold today which gives me great hope that this will be a fruitful year for home sales in Mason City and the surrounding communities. Pricing and presentation are critical components of a property selling in a reasonable time period. Even the older homes are coming back into vogue which makes me very happy. New ranch homes … continue reading

At World’s End

Sometimes I really don't like reading the news simply because it causes me a bit of distress in wondering why people embrace barbarism in all its forms.  The mental and physical abuse going on all over the world, as well as the senseless killing of innocent people simply because they don't share exactly the same religious beliefs is beyond my unde … continue reading

St. Joseph’s Day 2015

Likely very few people in the United States realize that but two days after St. Patrick's Day, there is another Saint's day that is celebrated by a number of people around the world ranging from the countries of Italy, Spain, Malta, The Philippines, and the United States. Tomorrow, March 19th is St. Joseph's Day.  Many people take the time to prep … continue reading

Curtain Rising on a State Street Gem

Without question, I consider myself fortunate to have been chosen to list a home that has caught my eye since I was a young man whenever driving down East State Street here in Mason City. This home is part of an estate which was owned by the decedent's family for a VERY long time. I didn't realize until doing the research on the property prior to l … continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We've returned another year to where anyone who even thinks they have but a drop of Irish blood in them, will give cause to wear at least a thread or two of green and make as merry as possible during the day and even into the wee hours of the morn. Having a bit more than a few drops of Irish blood will give me the opportunity to be all more on the … continue reading

A $27,000.00 Price Reduction Today

Since some lucky home owner hasn't yet discovered the exceptional value of 760 Briarstone Drive, the sellers have decided to lower the price to an even more lucrative price range where it's becoming almost too good to be true. Where can anyone get a home which is now priced at $448,000.00 that costs over $800,000.00 to build in 1989? The quality of … continue reading

Above Fear

After going over some real estate documents with a dear long-term client this morning, she proceeded to mention a book she's reading concerning fear and the effects it has on peoples minds and bodies. I distinctly remember writing some time ago about the bad seed that sprouts forth all its evils on humankind. We had a good chat about it and I began … continue reading


Having a bit of a dash around morning, I was happy I didn't miss a beat in making sure everything went well with a closing that required more work in preparation, as well as keeping things moving along with other sales that are progressing towards closing.  Too often people wait until the last day or two before they realize that a closing is very … continue reading

Elder Wise

Today was a day that I spent more time than normal with several of my elderly clients who are absolute dear hearts. I manage property for the both of them and as chance would have it, Their two separate appointments happened on the say day. One appointment was a scheduled meeting with a government agency and the other appointment was to go over doc … continue reading