Monthly Archives: March 2015

Toxic Land Contract

Isn't it great to have Spring finally here? I see tulips and chives coming alive almost overnight and geese out along the river banks likely starting to nest. Watching those goslings following their mothers around like balls of fuzz with webbed feet always brings out the smiles with me.After closing on a home today, I spent the rest of my time pr … continue reading

The Promise of Tomorrow’s Sun

The crowd of well wishers has been growing as we draw closer to the possibility of having some very beneficial things happening within the boundaries of our downtown in the near future. One thing I've noticed these past few months is that I'm not hearing any negative comments about the proposals people have been reading about of late.I do sincer … continue reading

Bring Friends

The wind was quite gusty today and I think every loose plastic bag and paper from who knows where was blowing around the downtown streets. With our grid of streets and taller buildings, we get the wind tunnel effect at the corners and intersections. Sometimes it feels like the wind finds ways to bend itself and blow in other directions.Another on … continue reading

Enriched Egos

Another whirlwind day just happened and I'm still wondering how it so quickly came to be evening. Certainly being the type who doesn't like time heavy on his hands, there didn't appear to be an opportunity to even hold it. Since there were quite a few people at my open house today, those two hours flew by quickly as well. One of the couples that wa … continue reading


Meeting with a young buyer and her mother today reaffirmed my love of helping hard working first time buyers find a home. The excitement spills over and becomes contagious in the whole process. Her mother was very adamant in not wanting her daughter to buy a money pit and pretty much spelled out the basic requirements. One thing I really appreciate … continue reading

Fractured Light and Tall Ceilings

A phone call came early this morning to my cell from someone wanting to see a property listed with my office. They asked for a viewing this morning and the owner lives there. Fortunately I managed to catch the owner before leaving for work and got the OK to show. When I met them there, I could tell they'd been looking at other properties simply bec … continue reading

Reaching for Life’s Beauty

Having closed on a home today that I had listed and was subsequently sold by another office, I walked away in hopes that this one will be the first and last difficult loan that I will have to deal with for the rest of the year. It seems there's always about one or two of my listings per year where I have a plank to walk in getting the sale to close … continue reading

The Mysterious Wake

Every so often when showing an older home to a buyer, a question will be asked of me which I rarely would have the true answer for simply because of the age of the home and not knowing the full history of the previous owners. That question usually goes something like this, “Do you know if anyone died in this house?” Now that is a very broad que … continue reading

Chimneys of Tranquility

The unexpected thunder snow we had in the night caused me to remember how unpredictable our weather can be in March. Just last week we had a pre-Spring heat wave and now that Spring has officially arrived, we have cold and snow. In spite of it all, I'm still in love with Mother Nature for better or worse. Since the snow was so wet, it was a back-br … continue reading

Snoozers are Losers

A small group of Robins flew across a street I was driving down today so I guess Spring has indeed arrived. I'm sure they're a bit travel worn due to their long flight from one of the Southern States. They'll be busy little bees this next month finding the perfect nesting spots to begin the building of new homes for this year's hatchlings. I'm sure … continue reading