Monthly Archives: February 2015

Let the Natives Speak

Someone said something to me today whom I would've never considered one who pays attention to the happenings in the downtown. She is quite elderly and a life-long resident of Mason City who has witnessed first hand the tearing down of many of the historic buildings that were here when she was young. I've known her for some time and never heard her … continue reading

Continue Thinking Lilacs

Certainly we've had days and sometimes months where things just don't seem to want to go our way. After lingering similar days, we start thinking dark thoughts and consider life will not get any better and begin resigning ourselves to a new life of drudgery with no end in sight. What exacerbates those dark feelings is when we look around and find p … continue reading

Precious Earth and Whispering Trees

I thought it necessary to speak of a listing tonight that I just received a price reduction on which I believe to being one of the closest to pristine as one can get without traveling far out of the area along miles of dusty roads and too inconvenient for daily commutes.  This 82+ acre parcel of land is located at 1243 460th Street, Northwood, IA … continue reading

Flickering Violet

Certainly there are days in everyone's lives when we're transported back in time to places where the faces of those that have gone before us emerge in our waking thoughts. Sometimes it's the smell of something baking that reminds me of the homemade buns the little old lady down the road handed out to begging children. She rises up before me with he … continue reading

The Scale of One to Ten in 510

I have one particular listing that that likely many of the buyers have dismissed simply because when doing a drive-by, it gives them the impression that it's a small home. Since it is not only brick, but a dark brick to boot, it creates an illusion for the general public in thinking it's smaller than it actually is. The style of the home is quite s … continue reading

Instructions without Incentive

Several days ago I received a note from an elderly gentleman who last year relocated to a Sunbelt city and purchased a condominium in one of the gated communities we find scattered across Arizona and South Texas. I speak of him now simply because he's one of too many who's given me their day to day activities in those areas while living out their r … continue reading

Like a Breath of Fresh Air

I'm confident in freely saying, “We've all had our years to remember.” Sometimes years start off with a gusto and end with a deep desire for the 31st of December to arrive and the clock finally moves but one minute past midnight simply because of our wanting to be over with a year containing more downs than ups. Then there are those years that … continue reading

Annoying Acronyms and Emotions

It appears these past years, the culture of communicating is evolving into something of which I believe is a backward slide towards vague and not often clear forms of dialog between two or more people, and most generally in the form of e-mails and texts. I know we live in a world that's moving in a faster pace than say 20 years ago, but I'm not so … continue reading