Monthly Archives: February 2015

Silver Threads among Gold

After enduring these last three extra cold days, I'm beginning to wonder if January decided to return for a second visit. I've always considered February the month where we're on a general downward slide to the first day of Spring. So much for expecting things to be normal with our weather patterns of late.  While at the office and warming up for … continue reading

Like a Charming Cottage

I just listed a 2 bedroom home this afternoon which from the time I first saw it about a month or so ago, I was very impressed by the condition as well as the updates that were recently made. It has been owned by the same family for a very long time and I was informed that there were never any inside pets during their ownership. The home is up and … continue reading

Ask Much and Assume Little

I hope many have enjoyed their holiday today. I could tell there were likely quite a few people not working due to the amount of traffic in and around town today. As I had suspected, I was a bit more busy for a Monday.With the arrival of a client from one of the sunshine States, I spent time on some real estate matters of his. He was delighted to … continue reading

President’s Day of 2015

Since tomorrow is another National Holiday, I thought it best to speak of it tonight. What this holiday has evolved from, is the celebration of President Washington's birthday, then moving to combining both President Lincoln's birthday which is also in February with Washington's. And now, it's considered best to commemorate all presidents on this d … continue reading

Uglied Out

With it being an exceptionally cold and windy day today, I was delighted to find myself busier than expected with customer calls as well as getting some final negotiating completed on an offer I've been working on over these past several days.One of the younger couples that I was showing a turn-of-the-century home today mentioned that even though … continue reading

St. Valentine’s Day Legacy

Since the death of St. Valentine in the first century AD, there grew a slow, but methodical following in the veneration of St. Valentine on February 14th. He was was canonized a saint for refusing to renounce his faith after being brought before Emperor Claudius. For that reason, he was ordered to be beaten with clubs and beheaded. The miracles asc … continue reading


I was responding to an e-mail from a buyer earlier today and afterwards just happened to think of the interesting concept of 2's. The more I thought about it, the more interesting comparisons I started making. I suspect we've grown so used to 2's that we don't even consider them to exist. There's right and left, forward and backward, up and down, l … continue reading

A 360 at 760

I felt it appropriate to re-visit an office listing and give a bit of a reminder to everyone what a fantastic buy this home is. It was built in 1989 at a cost of over $800,000 and if you do the math in calculating the value of the dollar now versus then, you'd likely pay well over a million to have it built today and certainly not the quality conta … continue reading

Winter Wine

In spite of the on-and-off sleet we were getting today, I was delighted to have as a visitor to my office a woman who's one of the people from Des Moines who came to see the restoration work that has been done thus far on my building. She is a design consultant and will be providing some input on the exterior work that I will be having done in the … continue reading

False Hopes and Failed Promises

Some days ago I had the opportunity to view an exceptionally well constructed and meticulously maintained home that was a custom build for a buyer at the time. It's always so terribly refreshing to find homes like this in Mason City and it seems I've been blessed to have listed and sold yet another one recently where upon entering it, I felt as tho … continue reading