Monthly Archives: February 2015

An Extra Measure

It's been quite the nasty few days with exceptionally cold mornings. A biting -18 degrees was waiting for me as I walked out the door. I worry much about furnaces and frozen water lines. I've encountered several near freeze-outs so far this winter. Seems no matter how careful people can be to make sure their furnaces are serviced, there happens to … continue reading


Another one of my listings sold today and it looks like everyone's happy which of course in my line of work, is a good thing. If my listings continue to sell as the weeks move on, I will have to go out and start beating the bushes for additional inventory.  I continually remind myself to be ever so thankful for the loyal buyers and sellers I've ha … continue reading

High Visibility Asset

Not so very often does one find a property that is built on an elevation here in Mason City simply because we live in a pretty flat area. No hills or bluffs like out in eastern or western Iowa, and of course we don't have the rolling hills in southern Iowa. We're simply considered the “flatlanders” where the wind blows much and the sun rises an … continue reading

With Flair

Today's snow was not a welcome happening, but I guess we're still not past the Iowa Girl's Basketball Tournaments. Seems no matter what kind of winter we've had, we can always expect the unexpected weather until those tournaments are over. Since their beginnings, there've been more storms during those tournaments than not. It's almost as though Mot … continue reading

Enter Smiling

Someone posed a challenge to me about a week ago when in a heated debate over how effective first reactions people would have when simply walking past them on the street or down a grocery store aisle. This particular debate got started when this gentleman was defending the general citizenry in how they at times re-act when someone enters their “s … continue reading

Our Camino Real

While digging through some of my volumes of sales statistics that span a number of years, I happened upon a book that evidently found its way in that file cabinet. It's a paperback I read some years ago which decided to keep and likely re-read when I had more time, but as we all discover, our roads to Hell are paved with many good intentions. The b … continue reading

Mid-Century Ranch

Sometimes in glancing at the internet news, there's a headline that catches my eye and causes me to investigate the content. Several weeks ago I happened upon an article that spoke of the growing popularity of anything that was created in the mid-century from furniture, clothing, lighting, appliances, automobiles, and even homes. I've know about th … continue reading

Guarded Failures

Everyone wants to believe everything they've done in their life was to the very best of their ability, right? It's simply the way we justify our jobs, our sense of self-worth, and above all, our standing with friends and family. It's interesting how with some, it's more important to be highly considered among peers and friends, while others believe … continue reading

Take the Long way Home

Believe it or not, I had some of the most wonderful encounters today with a number of clients and customers who helped create for me a cornucopia of wonderful thoughts and stories of the happenings in their lives. I received a call early this morning from an elderly client who lives in the Sunbelt during the winter months. As we all grow older, we … continue reading

Help Someone Up

I had a first hand experience today that once again reassured me that when people whisper something about about a person, a house, or even a situation, they believe it to be all the more true. Someone called today and said they'd heard that a particular listing of mine was infested with carpenter ants and one time. I was absolutely shocked to hear … continue reading