Monthly Archives: December 2014

Closing the Door on 2014

As everyone must be preparing to, or in the process of, making merry on this eve of our new year, I've found myself reflecting on the happenings of this past year and pondering the numerous experiences and hopefully some new facets of old lessons visited and re-learned. As most everyone, I'm had my ups and downs and even felt the tailwinds of the r … continue reading

Why they’re taF

Last days of months are usually busier than normal but the last days of the year can be either more quiet or even more busy than the rest of the ends of the months of the year. Today was far more busy than normal for it being the day before New Year's Eve. I hope it's an indication of great and good things to come in the year ahead. I felt like I s … continue reading

Moving On

I've discovered of late a new catch phrase that's become oft times heard, abused, and certainly mis-used. That phrase is, "Let's move on." I've had it used on me more frequently and even caught myself using it a time or two. It seems to me to be a sort of quick fix of not wanting to dig a little deeper in the cause and effect of a problem where we … continue reading


I can't help but speak this evening about a home I sold a client earlier this year that was likely one of the best examples of a home that was about as bad as it could be and later transformed in about a six month time, from an absolute pit to a very attractive home that will likely out-last many new homes built today. This particular client is ver … continue reading

The Here and The Now

As we approach the end of the year, I find myself reflecting yet again on the real estate transactions that have taken place these past 12 months. I certainly consider myself blessed for the business I have received from clients and customers and am most certainly thankful for it. This was also a year where I don't remember one transaction not bein … continue reading

Eyes Wide Open

Just today I was reminded of some of the happenings in the field of real estate sales over these long years. I entered into a conversation with a young gentleman who is becoming quite the expert on home valuations as well as what intrinsic features to look for before purchasing. His take on the key components of a home purchase is number 1: locatio … continue reading

The Christmas of 2014

I'm in hopes that everyone had a delightful Christmas and at every gathering something special as well as memorable happened. One of my surprises was to find a sister of mine having arrived un-announced from out of State. Another delightful surprise was to have pumpkin pie made totally from scratch. I've never been a big pumpkin pie fan simply due … continue reading

Gentle Christmas Eve

So many great gifts of kindness arrived at my office today to the point of my being humbled by those who went out of their way to extend their appreciation. They certainly over-shadowed my delivering gifts to some delightful elderly people who are in the nets of eldercare. So often we forget those who have few or no visitors during their confinemen … continue reading

T’was Before the Night Before Christmas

Sometimes it seems that time races so quickly that we find actual days missing and saying to ourselves as I did today, "Where did Monday go?" Much of it has to do with Christmas being so close and knowing we simply haven't done as much as we would have liked before its arrival. I wasn't very happy with myself for waiting until today to go out on my … continue reading


Coming down off a rare occurrence of my catching a nasty cold several weeks ago, I realized it has been so long since I've been sick that I'd forgotten how much I really don't like it. One of my relatives and I spent extended time visiting a patient in the health care system where likely we both came down with the same cold that was being innocentl … continue reading