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Halloween has arrived again bringing a bit more of a chill due to the cold temperatures not being conducive for youngsters out running from door to door in their Halloween costumes. They'll likely have to wear something warm under their costumes because it's somewhere around 32 degrees outside right now.All Hallows Eve, which by some historians a … continue reading


Being out and about more today in dealing with last minute details on several closings, I found myself noticing people out and about when driving from point A to point B. I'm not sure what my take is on some of the things I have been seeing about the city of late.I know we are all God's creatures great and small, but I can certainly say of late, … continue reading


I know in the past I've spoken about how so many people in today's world attempt to get things completed as quickly as possible so they can move on to the next project. Since most projects are income driven, the faster one works at completing an agreed upon task, the faster they will get paid and on to the next project. The problem I see with this … continue reading

Needy but not Greedy

About a month ago or so I met with an elderly woman who lost her husband earlier this year due to a sudden death so she decided it best to move to a city closer to where one of her children lived. I was referred to her by one of her friends with whom I worked with some years ago and as chance would have it, I remembered talking to her and her husba … continue reading

Chrome Plated

Every so often I step back and look at the way things are in today's world. I think what triggered this of late was yet another 3-way conversation I was in with some older people who used to collect antiques as well as buy and sell a few on the side. Just this past year I was certainly shocked at what minimal prices very well constructed antique fu … continue reading

October Blaze

Either I'm becoming more observant of the outdoors or we are having one of the most beautiful Octobers this year. Some of the early morning skies have been strikingly beautiful to the point of wishing it to be an every morning occurrence. One of the upsides of living in the flat lands is having the sun visible earlier as well as later due to there … continue reading

Speak Slowly & Clearly with Love

At a gathering today I listened to one of the speakers sharing thoughts on elder care. He spoke about the sacrifices that friends and family make for people who are either homebound or in need of peripheral care. There are a number of people I'm acquainted with who are also elderly but have taken on the additional role of being either the eyes, ear … continue reading

Creating the Connections

I read an article today that spoke about insulating ourselves against the continuing rise in consumer prices as disposable incomes are not keeping up with those prices which in turn causes more stretching of the end-of-the-month dollars.The author spoke about ways of insulating ourselves from these fluctuations as well as be able to start saving … continue reading

Soft Landings

Every so often there are circumstances within real estate transactions that come about where either a buyer or seller is not very happy about a situation that was either not clearly explained or there was an oversight of something that was assumed to be true.Whenever I personally have a client or customer who's upset over a minor detail, I normal … continue reading

Hidden Glen

One of my dear clients stopped by the office today to tell me that there was an apple tree in his lower pasture that still had apples on it and if I wanted any of them to just go out and pick as many as I wanted. I told him that if I had time to spare today, I would go out and pick some. As chance would have it, I had about about an hour and half f … continue reading