Monthly Archives: September 2014

You Guys

More and more these past several years I have been hearing from a number of people a dis-like of certain oral expressions that have creeped into the general spoken language when in either an informal gathering or sometimes within a professional group.Let's talk about the "you guys" phenomenon. Not many years ago I was corrected by someone in a li … continue reading

Summer Bake

I had to stop at the grocery store today to pick up some supplies for the office and happened to run into a woman whom I haven't seen for at least ten years or more. Her first remark to me after I said hello was, "Joe Chodur, how is it that you never change in looks?" I smiled and said, "Thanks, I don't have a quarter." "No, really!" she said. "You … continue reading

The Natural Side of North Iowa

I was asked to do an inspection of a country property this morning and thought it best to get it done before the afternoon arrived as it was filled with appointments. I did take a bit of the long way round to get there since I had the time and wanted to experience the feel of the country as the crops are maturing and the trees are preparing to show … continue reading

Tribute to the Pepper

I happened to be at a client's home today who has a garden filled with beautiful vegetables. Before I left, I made sure to take a photo of a handsome green pepper plant. It is surprising that more people don't have a back door garden where they can at least have fresh vegetables while in season. Naturally grown bell peppers are my favorite because … continue reading

Learning to Soar

I had a chat today with clients who just returned from a vacation in Ireland. Seems they enjoyed themselves immensely while there. One of the things they mentioned that was so different with the people in general, was that they appeared to take everything that happened in stride and always seemed to make light of things that many of us become easil … continue reading

The Pollution of Awe

What a wonderful afternoon and evening! The weather has cooled down and the air is crisp with a light breeze. I understand why many nature lovers consider September and October to be their favorite months to enjoy the outdoors. Perhaps it also has something to do with the balance of warm days and cool nights. Most people don't notice it, but the an … continue reading

Horsing Around

Hopefully today will be the last of the sweltering heat and humidity for a few days. Every time I walked outside I felt like I was stepping into a sauna. Of course we all know that people can become a bit more crabby when the weather is like this. Judging by the way this month has started, I wouldn't be surprised if we have a late fall which will b … continue reading

Re-visited Porch

From the delightful responses I received from the first article I wrote about the advantages of having a screened porch, I decided it was worth expanding upon the benefits of having one.The first thought that came to mind when writing this were the realities of our times and how they have indeed changed from years past. I strongly believe if we a … continue reading

Keep Free Press Free

The unsettling events in our world today cause me to be ever thankful that I live in a country where we continue to have freedom of the press. In spite of the issues our country has as a whole, we are still very fortunate to live where our words are not hushed nor our news coverage censored. I've been anxiously watching the happenings in Ukraine w … continue reading

The Good Life

Everyone seems to have their own definition of what the meaning of a good life is. I've heard many over these long years of working with clients and customers and I can say there are a wide variety of them out there. From the mouths of many of the elderly have come words regarding a good life to be; having a more healthy body and being able to have … continue reading